Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Women of Marvel Universe NOG'NZ!
Seven Marvelously Squished Ladies - Nog'nz Blind Bag Series 1 - Zag Toys 2012

For those collectors who have a strong visceral reaction to Chibis and other abstracted superhero forms, you're going to just love these little monstrosities.  I definitely had a similar negative reaction when I first saw these.  It took me about a year to warm up to them, and now they just make me giggle.  When trying to describe them to someone who has never seen them, I can't seem to avoid the imagery of a small caramel candy that has been pinched and prodded into a shape.  This is especially true for Rogue whose hair gives her the right coloring for my analogy.  A big perk for me was also the character selection.   The first (and only) series had 45 characters, including seven females - pretty impressive for a debut aimed at kids.  They are made from a really dense plastic that click and clack like dice when jostled together.  There are actually some games you are supposed to play with these - seems like a cross between craps and marbles. (The tag line on all the packaging is "Heads will Roll!")  Let's check them out!


Before I get started, I must give a huge shout-out to Whosdamaster Collectibles on eBay.  I wouldn't have had the patience to assemble this collection on my own.  They carry huge selection of mini-figures (of all varieties) with great prices.  They're really nice, too.  Go buy stuff from them!



Black Cat



                      (I love the sais on her back!)





Invisible Woman

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!
Here is a comparison with some other popular mini figures.  From Left to Right: Squinkies, Superhero Squad, Nog'nz, Mini-Mates, and Chibis.




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