Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kotobukiya ArtFx+ CATWOMAN Statue!
DC Comics New 52 ArtFx+ Catwoman Fully-Painted 1:10 Statue - Kotobukiya 2013

I'm loving the massive selection of statues being released in recent years.  It seems that just 10 short years ago you would be lucky to see a single heroine statue in a year.  But now you have to pick and choose because no collector is going to have the budget needed to be a completist.  Between Cover Girls, Bombshells, Bishoujo, Arkham City, Batman Black & White, Ame-Comi, Art of War, Mini-Busts, and many more, we are just inundated with fantastic high-end collectibles.  This Catwoman is my first piece from Kotobukiya's ArtFx line.   She is 7.5" tall, beautifully sculpted, composed of a dense PVC, and very reasonably priced.  The entire line has a slight "anime" design to the faces, but overall they have a very classic comic-styled look.  To be honest, I wasn't really planning on getting this figure until I saw the solicitation for this Summer's Batgirl figure.  Now I'm just banking on a future Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy release to round out this new collection of mine.  Let's check Catwoman out below!

The packaging is interesting.  The translucent box technically offers a full view of the figure inside.  However, figure is wrapped in multiple layers of plastic which really distort your view of the sculpt.

Catwoman comes with two pairs of goggles, a magnetic figure base, and a whip.  Catwoman is permanently holding the handle of her whip, and this removable extension of the whip connects to that handle via a peg-hole hidden in her palm.  Catwoman has a strong magnet in the sole of her Left foot which will anchor her to the metal base (with no pegs in sight - pretty ingenious).  It should be noted that she can stand perfectly fine without aide of the base.

The goggles magically stay on her face.  There are two tiny divots in her temples that hold the goggles on with with tiny pegs.

Time for some Comparison Pics!
Here she is with the Adams Hughes DCU Cover Girls Statue (The Catwoman statue that sets the bar for all others in my opinion).


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