Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hex, Chill, Stealth Elf, & Sprocket - Various Skylanders Sets - Mega Bloks 2013

Skylanders is a property that is hard to ignore in the toy world.  All my local Toys R Us stores have had their showcase area dedicated to the collectible video game figurines.  I have always been attracted to the designs of these characters.  They're colorful, fun, and very diverse.. for lack of a better word.  What I am not a fan of is the stationary PVC-on-a-base format of the figures.  Basically I think they're cool character but boring toys.  Luckily Mega Bloks has the license to produce their Lego-like building sets in Skylanders themes.  Amazingly, there have been four female characters released already (excluding the multiple variations of the dragon Cynder).  And I'm hoping there will be many more because I really dig these toys and there are many more amazing characters ready for the Mega Bloks treatment.  I'll be keeping my eyes out for future releases.  Let's check out the current four below!

Skylanders Giants
Sky Turret Defense (95408)

Chill is the only character that I own in "regular" Skylander form.  Here's a side-by-side comparison.

Stealth Elf
Skylanders Giants
Battle Portal (95436)

Skylanders Swap Force
Collector's Edition Pack - Target Exclusive (95482)

Skylanders Giants
Sprocket's Heroic Turret (95421)

Time for some Group and Comparison Shots!



  1. Fun character designs, these all look great! I might have to give them a closer look next time I'm on the toy aisle!

    1. They're very cool. I resisted for a long time before I finally caved. I've seen the Chill set on a clearance endcap at Target for 5 bucks before the holidays. And the Sprocket set is at BigLots.

  2. I had to come back to your site to see if you had done anything on the Skylander's females. Yup. Great job! There is also a Legendary Stealth Elf variant out now as a TRU exclusive.