Monday, April 7, 2014

Marvel 3.75" Infinite Series WASP!
Marvel Infinite Series - Wave 1 - Marvel's Wasp - Hasbro 2014

Now here's a rebranding that I don't quite understand.  The newest incarnation of Hasbro's 3.75" Marvel Universe action figure line is now known as Marvel: Infinite Series (not to be confused with the Marvel Legends Infinite Series in a 6" scale.  Regardless of the name change, we are still due to receive plenty of great figures in this line.  Janet Van Dyne (aka the Wasp) is one of the original members of the Avengers and was a glaring absence from this series.  This figure is pretty awesome.  The sculpt is great, the wings are well-tooled, and the overall look just hits the bullseye.  I've even heard collectors excited to add her to their 6" figure collections.  One of the unseen benefits of making a size-changing character is that scale is suddenly completely unimportant.  Perhaps that's why this figure seems to be the hard one to get from wave 1.  I almost decided to hold out for one with better paint when I found her at Target this week, but I'm glad I didn't since she's not in any stores (and I've been a'huntin).  Let's check out Wasp!

The stark new packaging is a little on the boring side.  Between these, the Marvel Legends figures, and all the Star Wars Black series', the toy aisles are starting to look kind of glum.

Wasp comes with two wings (unattached when in the packaging FYI) and a miniature version of herself.

The wings have hinge joints with a pegs that can anchor into holes on her shoulderblades.  My hinges were very stuck and required a lot of hot water to get free.

There have been two other miniature wasp accessories similar to this one in the past.

The first is from Marvel Universe Secret Wars Comic 2-Pack #10 (Wave 4) from 2010
This version seems like a green variation of the same sculpt.

The second is from the Marvel Universe Team Pack - Classic Avengers from 2011
This version is a resculpt in her classic helmeted outfit.

My only issue with this figure are some minor paint problems.  Her neck is cast in black plastic with painted fleshtone.  The articulation rubs away the paint leaving a messy black mark.  My Wasp also happens to have a tiny brown dot on her nose.  Other than that though, the figure is great.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. My Target had the whole series minus this one when I spotted them. Bummer!

    1. Yeah I feel like she has the fateful combination of being shortpacked and highly sought after. I might pick up another if I ever see her, but only if she has better paint. I'm way too lazy to scalp haha.

  2. oh dear, Wasp is so unloved. The second heroine from the silver age. I adore her. So original. And great character when treated her well. This figure rocks. been getting quite amzed by the MArvel universe figures. Shamed i feel the Marvel heroines, which are my fabs, get such a rough deal. I guess we done OK but to omit such characters like Polaris, Hellcat, Clea, The New Mutants and the Alpha Gals, plus hey, Mantis? ARG.

    1. I agree there has to be more focus on the classic characters like Polaris, Hellcat, and all the New Mutants. Sure, I love Red She-Hulk and Valkyrie, but they aren't nearly as impressive.