Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Michelle Pfeiffer CATWOMAN!
DC Multiverse: Batman Returns (1992) - Catwoman - Mattel 2014

I feel like I've been waiting for a good Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman figure my whole life.  For such a major character in such a hit movie, she's received very little merchandise over the years.  That's why this figure was such a surprise to everyone visiting the Mattel booth at last year's NYCC.  Sure, the Batman '66 resurgence had proven that there's a market for this kind of stuff, but I don't anyone could have predicted this line.  The only gripe I heard about the figures was the scale.  And it's not even that 3.75" figures are a bad thing.  It's just that the majority of DC figures have been produced in the 6-7" scale so it was a shame she wouldn't fit in with all the other Catwomen in our collections.  I have been searching for this figure for about a month now and I finally found her this evening at Toys R Us.  They had several of her - all with pretty extreme paint defects.  This was just another disappointment after such a long wait for this figure.  Luckily I'm good with a paintbrush so I was able to clean her up nicely (before and after pics below).  Without further ado, let's check out Catwoman below!

I'll start by showing three pics of what she looked like right out of the package.  The obvious flaws are in her sloppy mis-matched eyes and the edging around her mask.  Mind you, this was the best one of the 4 or so on the peg.

Okay... one tiny paintbrush and 20 minutes later and I think she's serviceable.  Don't forget that these pictures are showing her much larger than real life.  She is a tiny detailed figure.

Catwoman comes with her signature whip.  It's flexible, but I think it needs time to become more "whiplike" with some gentle curves.

Catwoman's Forearms, wrists, and hands are all one piece and are cast in a semisoft fleixble plastic.  I can't tell if there is a forearm articulation cut or not because it feels like you might just be twisting off her arm.

Time for Some Group and Comparison Shots!

Here she is with the 1992 Batman Returns figure from Kenner.

Microman Catwoman and Infinite Heroes Catwoman

Throw in the DC Collectibles Injustice Catwoman for fun.

Here is most of the Michelle Pfeiffer-inspired merchandise.



  1. Hey! First, let me thank you for publishing this blog. I've collected since I was a kid, and it's nice to read your thoughts on figures (especially since we seem to collect the same things--though you get a hold of stuff a lot faster than I do). Where do you find 4 figures like this sitting on a shelf? Where I live (small town Ohio), there are never any female figures of any kind, and the few there are get scooped up and sold on ebay for six times the amount. Any suggestions? I think the people at Toys R Us are getting sick of me. Anyway, thanks again. I hope you keep this blog up for years to come. ~David

    1. Wow thanks for all the great compliments! I love doing this blog and hopefully I'll continue for many many years to come (and not just for the Toy Fair press passes :)) It gets hard to find time to post with my busy schedule, but it's such a fun addition to my hobby so I always manage to squeeze in the time to post.

      As far as where I'm able to find figures.. honestly I'm just extremely lucky. I have a flexible job that gives me the freedom to go on a toy hunt in the middle of the day if I want. And I'm also in the Philadelphia metro area and we have tons of stores. For instance, in two hours after work today I went to six TRUs looking for the new Jubilee wave. I also have 19 Targets and 12 Walmarts in a very close proximity. It would be very easy for me to be a scalper, but I'm just too lazy.

      I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and don't usually resort to ordering figures online, but I have freinds who regularly preorder their figures through bbts or amazon. Plus you can also use to track the availability of products in different online stores.

      Good luck hunting and thanks for the comment!

    2. Thanks for telling me about that website (nowinstock)! I just spent far too much time looking for random stuff.