Friday, August 29, 2014

The Great Rebellion's FLUTTERINA!
Masters of the Universe Classics - Club Eternia Mattycollector Exc - Mattel 2014

It's surreal to think how many very unlikely characters have been produced in the MOTUC line so far. And as of Monday's announcement that the 2015 line got the green light (barely), we know we'll be getting the final three POP ladies next year. When the first Princess of Power figure, Adora, was released in 2010, I don't think anyone would have expected the entire vintage POP roster to follow suit. I'm ecstatic. Flutterina was always a very notable character for me - even though she only appeared in 5 episodes. I guess I noticed her because her butterfly wings were such a dominant feature. Despite having a fondness for the character, I honestly wasn't expecting her to make such a formidable-looking action figure. She stays extremely true to her classic look, but somehow I now view her as a tough fairy warrior as opposed to a "flying lookout." This makes me really excited to see how the Four Horsemen work their magic on the remaining characters. Let's check out this unexpected beauty in detail below!

Here is the infamous pink sword which was a teaser accessory at previous conventions.

Look at that stunning face.  I thought the curled insect-like eyelashes would look weird, but they're perfect.

Here are a bunch of images of her from the cartoon.  They really did a great job translating her classic Filmation look - along with the wings inspired by the vintage toy.

And here is a very sad panel from the Despara/Adora digital comic

This image shows how the wings are articulated on little ball-and-hinge joints which allow for a decent amount of flexibility when it comes to posing the wings.

Time for a Comparison Shot!


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