Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Big Hero 6 - HONEY LEMON!
Marvel Entertainment & Disney:  Big Hero 6 - Honey Lemon - Bandai 2014

Following hot on the heels of yesterday's Go Go Tomago review comes the other lovely lady from the Big Hero 6 team.  Honey Lemon seems like the polar opposite of Go Go.  Where Go Go is fierce, skilled, and super-serious, Honey Lemon is more like a timid brainy magician-type.  She seems shy and cute and her super-skills are based around  her (self built) Nano-Purse.  Her purse actually houses micro-wormholes which let her store gigantic objects within it.  I picture it as an accessory version of Cloak's power from Cloak & Dagger.  Honey Lemon was introduced in 1998's Sunfire & Big Hero 6.  I haven't read those early books, and the Disney-fied movie doesn't come out for another two months, but I can pretty much guarantee the two versions of the character will be vastly different.  The comic version is a super-sexy genius secret agent.  I get a feeling that the animated Honey will be more of a lovable nerd.  Either way, I'm excited to see the movie after playing with these toys.  Let's check Honey out below!

As much as I like this action figure, I must admit I like her ten times better because of her name.  "Honey Lemon" is the perfect tongue-in-cheek nod to most of the anime characters I grew up with.  It makes me laugh with its simple quirkiness.

Honey Lemon comes with two accessories:  Her Nano-Purse or "Power Purse" and a small figure stand.  These stands are very common with female gashapon figures.  They just clip on to the back of a heel to make all those teeny-tiny-footed ladies stand up.  Usually they're clear though.  This hot pink one is pretty garish.

I don't think the Purse looks like this in the movie.  I think the teddy bear elements are gone and the beaded strap is multicolored like candy (at least according to the pics I've seen).

Honey Lemon isn't well articulated at all.  She has a ball-jointed head, hinge and swivel shoulders, and swivel legs (?).  It's hard to tell with the legs because they are completely hindered by her skirt.  I still think this is a great little figure, but compared to Go Go's 9 POA, Honey's 5 seems pretty lame.

Here are some Promotional images from the Big Hero 6 movie and some early images from the comics.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her teammate Go Go Tomago.

And here they are with Baymax.



  1. These are kind of cool. I saw the big guy and the bad guy (Yokai?) at Walgreens today during my lunch break. While they have the weird issues that lots of Bandai figures have, they are really colorful and seem as if they would look great as a group. I'm really interested in this movie as I know next to nothing about the comic.

    1. I picked up mine at Walgreens. I thnk that might be the only place carrying them right now. I don't know anything about the property either, and I'm very unlikely to read any of the old comics so I'm just going to wait and see the movie. It looks like a lot of fun.