Thursday, October 2, 2014

DC Collectibles Arkham Origins COPPERHEAD!
Batman: Arkham Origins 3-Pack - Copperhead - DC Collectibles 2014

It isn't often when I have to give props to a video game for introducing a new character.  But Batman: Arkham Origins has done just that with this updated female version of the classic DC rogue Copperhead.  This character is the daughter of the original (New52) Copperhead and will soon begin appearing in the comics.  This action figure is amazing on a number of levels.  The most notable features of this toy are the incredibly detailed paint applications, and the high level of articulation.  Copperhead is a snakelike contortionist assassin, so the added articulation is really nice and appropriate.  I actually think the toy looks better than the video game screenshots on the web (I still don't play any games).  And that is a major rarity.  It's also nice just to get another female villain in the Bat-universe.  I know there are already a lot of ladies taunting Bruce, but a new character is almost always welcome.  Let's check out this creepy new villainess in detail below!

Copperhead comes in the new Batman: Arkham Origins 3-Pack with Joker as the Red Hood and an Unmasked Deathstroke.

The Gentle Giant Studios sculpt is awesome.  She looks formidable, wicked, and fierce.  Way more intimidating than the male Copperhead ever was.

Copperhead's articulation is pretty crazy.  She has double-jointed elbows and knees, hinge and rocker ankles, ball-jointed hips, hinge and swivel wrists, upper thigh and bicep cuts, a ball jointed head, and very unique waist/ribcage articulation.

Here is the odd thing about her torso.  This action figure sports a rubberized stomach and pelvis.  Inside, it feels as if there is just a small cylindrical post connect her upper and lower body.

Her "claws" are part of her metal gauntlets.  Her index and middle fingers are sheathed in metal with sharp points laced in a hallucination-inducing drug (which eventually causes death).  Very fang-like and awesome.

I never ever ever thought I would see an action figure with a coinslot.  Gotta admit it looks good though.

The detail on her chest tattoo is incredible.  Also, it should be noted that she is covered in a brownish wash to make her skin look dirty.  It's a very cool effect.

Here are some images of Copperhead from the game

Here's the promotional Copperhead trailer from the game, too.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here she is with Arkham City's Talia Al Ghul (who has slightly modified face paint).

And here are Harley and Catwoman added in for good measure.

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  1. This is an awesome figure. While I'm reluctant to run out and buy the three pack, I'm almost willing to do that to get Copperhead. She definitely stood out in a game that had lots of standout characters.

    I'm digging how they approached the torso articulation, too. Very innovative!

    1. I was on the fence about getting the whole pack, but when I saw her in person I knew I had to do it. Plus think that the other two figures will have decent resale value (we'll see.. I'm posting them today) since they're both new variations.

      The waist is very interesting. It's actually not as flexible as you would think (it only really moves at the ribcage)and I'm afraid it will crack over time. But it looks great for now. I wish they would have given her "ball of the foot" articulation like they always give Spider-Man. Her iconic poses seem to be so crouched, but the figure is unable to pose that way.

  2. I like it. This is another cheracter I had never heard of before. I know her father well though.

  3. She was cool in the game, glad to hear she is making the transition to comic books! Nice looking figure too!

    1. I can't find any real proof that she'll be in the comics aside from a brief mention in an uncited wiki article. I really hope she does though. As much as I love all the sirens, their characters naturally soften over time. Poison Ivy is totally likeable now. We need someone wicked for a while.

  4. I could see a possible Vixen base for a custom. Although, it's a bit on the tall side.