Thursday, October 16, 2014


Your Favorite Video Game Insect Princess from Playmates 1994

I first became aware of this figure early on in my collecting days (roughly 10 years ago).  She was raved about on my favorite online toy resource at the time, Action Girl's Guide to Female Figures.  At the time, however, I was very picky and would only buy non-cartoony 80's figure like GIJoe, He-Man, and ThunderCats.  So it wasn't until very recently that I picked up this figure in a lot on eBay.  I must say I'm very impressed with this little lady.  She's fun, well-sculpted, and a great likeness of both her cartoon and videogame counterparts.  I'm not too knowledgeable on the Earthworm Jim franchise, but from what I can gather it was a pretty unique development.  Playmates developed the characters for an original videogame with the intent of creating merchandising potential.  The original Sega/Genesis game was released in 1994, the same year as the first action figures.  The cartoon series didn't debut until a full year later in 1995.  However, the action figures seem to incorporate the details of the cartoon moreso than the videogame.

Check out her full bio from the cardback

I think her hair looks really fantastic in person.  It's detailed, dynamic, and true to the character.  Of course, it does hinder her articulation a lot.

FYI that distracting black speck on her chest popped right off when I scratched at it, I'm just too lazy to re-take these photos or edit it out.

She comes with a variety of accessories.  None of which I really care for.  (1) bug launcher with bug disks - a typical projectile launcher.  She's holds it like a pistol, you stack the disks in the chamber, then force the level to pop of the disks one-by-one.  (2)  Runt Zurb.  "A royal brown noser and bodyguard"  and (3)  a "Really Intense Insectoid Gun" - which I can't make her hold for the life of me.  There's a combined pistol-grip with a wrist clip, unfortunately they don't seem properly aligned to fit on her arm.

 Here are some pics of Princess What's-Her-Name from the Videogame, Cartoon, and Comic Book.

Time for a group Comparison Shot!



  1. She's cool - I had an Earthworm Jim once, but never followed the line.

    1. That new Mezco figure of him was pretty cool, too. I don't know if he's a one-off or if there will be more... Queen Slug-For-a-Butt would be a pretty crazy action figure!

  2. Replies
    1. And I bought it because of Sarah Dyer and her "Action Girl's Guide to Female Figures" website back in the day. There a link to a cloned version of the site on my sidebar. She was obsessed with this figure and it was infectious for me. This was the first time it ever reposted and it was easier than I thought. Also, I swore I had another bee-lady review to potentially repost but apparently I never actually did it. I have my Sweet Bee already, but I won't be able to review (or open her!) her until Sunday, at which point I'll photograph that figure I thought I had already done.

    2. I remember her site, thou like me stopped posting. Thou one day I'll be back! I'm waiting for sweet bee to arrive to the UK to save me taxes. Just got lots of this figures. Just missing Battleground Evil Lyn and Queen Marlena (as I have her as Captain Glen), and I will be on track to finish this fantastic, mega kitsch collection ( defo the campest of all my collections, including Disneys Magical Collection).

    3. I always had a great suggestion for a variant on Marlena, although it will never happen now. I suggested a white variant with black hair like the New Adventures Marlena. That way we'd be able to get a white-suited Captain Glenn like in the show. Oh well. Green is fine :)