Sunday, November 23, 2014

Funko POP! - Arkham Asylum POISON IVY!

Funko POP! Heroes #55 - Batman: Arkham Asylum - Poison Ivy - Funko 2014

As much as I dislike most video game redesigns of comic book heroes, I absolutely love Poison Ivy in the Arkham Series. Previous comic designs always seemed cheesy to me. Jim Lee's version unveiled in Hush was extremely popular, but I was never a fan.  A big part of that was a disconnect between her green-skinned inhuman elemental side combined with weird 1990's hair and a swimsuit-cut outfit of leaves (which seemed way too 'specific' of a design for a woman detached from human concerns).  On the flipside, the Justice Poison Ivy was just nude with strategically placed vines, which was just uninteresting.  This Arkham version seems to get it right.  The human elements are unquestionably human (i.e. her shirt).  But her slicked-back hair, haunting eyes, green skin tone, and symbiotic vines make for a very creepy contrast to that shirt.  I love it.  That said, this is only the second toy version I have of her in this look (after the Play Arts Kai version).  Let's check out this amazing Poison Ivy Pop!

Poison Ivy is the first POP figure I've seen to come with a figure stand.  I think this is an amazing and well-needed addition to these skinny-bodied Pop ladies.  Luckily my Poison Ivy stands well on her own so I loaned it to my topple-loving Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!



  1. Nice one! I've not branched out (pun intended) in my Funko Pops collection beyond a few Harley Quinns, but I am tempted by this one.

    1. I got mine at Hot Topic and they also saw her at TRU a week later. She's a beauty!