Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mini Mez-Itz Batman '66 CATWOMAN!

Mini Mez-Itz - Batman Classic TV Series 5-Pack - Mezco 2014

I've fallen in love with Mezco's adorably weird Mini Mez-Itz toys.  I now own five and I'm looking forward to getting many more (Girls of Gotham set, I'm talking about you).  I'm especially excited about this particular figure because she marks the third Catwoman in the series (and as I'm always fond of saying, "it takes three to make a collection").  I first saw these figures several years ago at Toy Fair and I've been nervous about getting them ever since.  I've never known Mezco to show a product and not release it, but for some reason the Mini Mez-Itz can have some crazy delays.  I'm constantly getting press release information about their Living Dead Dolls and Breaking Bad toys, but the Mez-Itz kind of fly under the radar until they surprise you in the toy aisles.  Also, the supply of Julie Newmar Catwoman products seems to be dwindling down lately, so any new representation of this look are much appreciated.  Let's check out this Mini Mez-Itz Classic TV Catwoman below!

Catwoman has the Mez-Itz standard 5 Points of Articulation.

Time for some Group and Comparison shots!

Here she is with the two other Catwomen from the line:  The Comic version and The Dark Knight Rises version.

And here she is with her fellow 5-Pack buddies.

And with the other bat-ladies so far: Harley Quinn and Batgirl.

And finally, my fledgling collection of Julie Newmar Catwoman figures.



  1. Julie Newmar was always my favorite, live action, Catwoman this side of Eartha Kitt. I may pic this set up for kitsch value, especially seeing as I've been reading the "Batman 66" comics; funnest stuff this side of the new Harley comic in my opinion.

    1. Julie Newmar was amazing as Catwoman. It's interesting to think how she evolved the character so quickly. Before the '66 show, Catwoman was always in her purple and green cape-and-cowl outfit and was actually a pretty viscous villain. Julie really brought out the seductive feline side of Catwoman which is probably her main personality trait today. I pick up the Batman '66 comics here and there, but only if I like the villains in the issue. What I've read so far has been amazing though.

  2. I can't believe how amazing your pictures are. There is another '66 Catwoman Mez-it that exists -- at least one that was shown at toy fairs. It is an unmasked version. There are 5 more variant figures total, including The Penguin. It looks like maybe there will be another 5-pack -- or more likely these were made in anticipation of another blind-box series and probably scrapped. Hopefully they will hit the stores this year along with the Girls of Gotham set. Toy Ark has pictures posted June 6, 2014 if you want to find them.

    1. See I cringe at the blurriness of my photos haha. But we're always our own worst critics. Thanks for the compliment! I'm aware of the unmasked variant. She was shown at NYCC in 2013 and listed with that whole Batman '66 group as a blind box assortment slated for 2014. This 5-Pack in the review was slated for a 2015 release, but I found it in November. So who knows. I think I'm going to Toy Fair next month so maybe there will be an update (and maybe another peek at the Girls of Gotham set). The past few years that I've gone to NYTF and NYCC, they're displays are 99% Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy. Back in 2013 they would always have their megascale Thundercats, Mez-Itz, and Living Dead Dolls out - which made for a really dynamic display. But lately they've been kind of boring unfortunately.