Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WWE Superstar - EVA MARIE!

WWE Basic Series 43 - Superstar #50 - Eva Marie - Mattel 2014

Woo-hoo finally a WWE figure who I knew about before I bought her!  I first became aware of Eva Marie through my casual watching of the reality show Total Divas on E!. Between her unnaturally flaming (yet gorgeous) red hair and her dynamic personality, she was the standout for me on the show.  Most of the time she seems to be portrayed as an antagonist, but I've also seen her as the good guy more than once.  I'm sure that flexibilty just makes her all the more popular for WWE fans.  Since my first impressions of Eva, I've noticed her images here and there in stores and on TV.  She seems to be the girl of the moment for WWE (full disclosure: I'm a WWE novice so this is all conjecture).  This figure from Mattel is an okay rendition of her.  It's hard not to identify her as Eva Marie with her trademark hair combined with her Mexican/Italian complexion.  But the face is not nearly as attractive as the real life Eva.  After I photographed this review I found a second Eva in Target which had thicker eyelashes and looked a lot better than this version.  So keep your eyes peeled for subtle variations!  Let's check out Eva Marie below!

Her articulation is everything we've come to expect from this line.  In fact, her body is identical to half my WWE ladies.

Here are some images of the real life Eva Marie.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with Beth Phoenix and AJ Lee.



  1. You need to contact the WWE and Mattel about your commission checks. Seriously. Your seemingly harmless review of the recent Natalya figure set off a chain of events that has led to eight Mattel WWE divas, seven Mattel WWE male figures, and a WWE Network subscription. I'm so wrapped up in it all that I almost forgot DCC Stargirl was coming out today, and I've been looking forward to her for months!

    Fortunately, my Eva seems to have the heavier eyeliner. I think that was my consolation prize for visiting nine Wal-Marts, six Targets, two K-Marts, and two TRUs before finding her. She's still a very nice figure either way though, and walking out the door with her for just over $8.00 blows my mind. I'll probably have to start shopping online for my Divas in the near future though, because it's rare that I have the time to go on all out hunts like that these days.

    We're getting spoiled in 2015 with three straight waves with Divas in the Basic line (Alicia Fox, Brie Bella, Emma), and Paige in the Elite line.

    Between the quality, the value, and the diversity, I'm having a great time with this line!

    1. I wish I got royalties simply because I would love to be able to buy more toys. I recently had to cut my monthly expenditures by $100 so I feel really guilty about buying toys. I'm impressed that I'm driving you into debt as well! haha.

      Did you pick up Stargirl? I got her and I'm really excited to review her and repaint her crazy eyes. All she needs is a thicker top lash and she'll look great. I'm still out of town for the holiday so I won't get around to it for a few days unfortunately.

      I keep looking at the upcoming Alicia Fox and I think it's a straight repaint of her last figure, but without the cool hair color and hood accessory. If that's the case I'll have to pass. But the other ones are definitely on my list!

    2. I really took advantage of Wal-Mart's pre-Black Friday sale ($12 for WWE Elite figures) and Target's price matching to launch the male side of my WWE collection. For the earlier Diva releases, I'm just picking them up loose on eBay. Maryse arrived today for $35 shipped. She's seems to be the rarest of the Mattel Divas, so I'm glad I can cross her off my list. As far as I know, there are no prototype pics of Emma yet.

      I did pick up Stargirl Wednesday. I don't mind her eyes. They're a little on the anime side, but she fits in well with the others. The only one I really felt like I had to mod was Supergirl. I went through three of them before I finally got her looking the way I wanted, but I love the character, so it was worth it. One tip I picked up from darkening Natalya's eyeliner and mascara was to use a fine tip primacolor marker I picked up at Michael's. I'm going the primacolor route for all of my eye touch-ups from here on out. They give me so much more control and consistency compared to paint.

  2. I was very happy to see Aussie Diva Emma listed for Basic Series 49! It's listed as February for Ringside Collecibles, so will probably hit retailers a month or so later.

    Eva looks nice. Something a little odd about the neck area...but nothing too distracting. Still have to buy her. Also thinking about buying pink shirt AJ, she seems to have nice paint work on her face.

    They really need to get their butt in gear & release a Summer Rae.

    They still haven't told us what set the Lana figure will be in. I'd say she will get a singles release before a 2-pack with Rusev.

  3. Also, if you like the TNA Impact figures, Deluxe Impact Series 13 (which only has 4 figures) will include Angelina Love & Velvet Sky!

    Velvet is in nearly every set, but it will be awesome to have a second Angelina.

    1. Are there images of that Emma figure yet? All I can find are customs. I just realized I never got any of the resculpted face AJs. I might pick up that 2-Pack version if I see it on sale.

      Holy crap, that Lana is going to make for some crazy Lois Lane custom fodder. She looks great!

      Yeah I keep seeing awkward re-releases of Velvet. I love my blue skirtless version but have passed on all the others. The Impact line makes really weird skirts. I don't have any Angelinas yet so I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for her.

    2. No pics of Emma as yet.

      I've been meaning to buy the Velvet in blue because she doesn't have a skirt. Jakks made that skirt many, many years ago for the WWE line. I think Ariel was the first Diva wearing it. But it falls off really easily. I was never a fan of it.

      Actually I still don't have the Dixie Carter TNA figure. It would nice to have the boss.