Monday, December 1, 2014

Korejanai Robo CATWOMAN!

Justice League X Korejanai Robo - McDonald's China Exc - Zarigani Works 2014

I've always wanted robot versions of all my favorite bat-ladies but I never thought I'd actually get one.  Granted, this isn't the cool sleek version I expected either.  Korejanai Robo is a line of "intentionally lame" toys meant to conjure the nostalgic feelings of disappointment from getting a bootleg toy on Christmas morning instead of the real deal.  Korejani Robo roughly translates into "Not this robot!"  I believe the original robots are made of wood and imported as designer toys by companies like Kotobukiya.  The DC Comics versions were released this year in both blind box format as well as McDonald's Toys in Hong Kong.  This Catwoman figure is the super exclusive figure of the bunch because she was only released as a McDonald's Online exclusive when you placed an internet order for delivery.  Also, I beleive the Joker figure is only available in the McDonald's HK locations (as opposed to the rest of the figures who you can find elsewhere in the blind box assortments).  Let's check out Robo Catwoman below!

Mine has some abrasions on her face despite arriving on my doorstep MIP.

I told my nieces and nephews over Thanksgiving that this was a Minecraft Catwoman and they instantly wanted to open her up.  I've always thought these figures were an interesting blend of Minecraft and Scribblenauts.

 The wheels on her shoulder-blades to not move.

Her articulation is about as odd as the rest of her.  Neck, Arms, Feet, and "Waist."

Here are some images of the promotional materials.  I believe each of the figures came in either individually carded form (like Catwoman) or in this box set that includes the Joker.

Here is the graphic from the blind box assortments.

And here are some of the non-DC Korejanai Robos

Time for some Group and Comparison Shots!



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    1. She's going on my Blammoid and Cosbaby shelf. They're all a bit funky.. in a good way.