Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wild Republic's SISTERS OF THE SEA!

Sisters of the Sea: Mermaids - 6" Action Playsets - Wild Republic 2014

I found this little gem in a random beach shop on the Jersey shore while on vacation this summer.  My family vacations are usually bizarrely toy-focused because they tend to coincide with SDCC.  I spend my evenings frantically trying to get an internet signal to see all the exciting reveals.  With all my focus on the digital world, I never expect to find interesting toys in the surf shops.  Well these figures certainly burst that bubble.  Sure, they're cheaply made with sloppy paint, but at the same time I know that fully sculpted and articulated mermaid action figures are exceedingly rare.  The first Sisters of the Sea figure I spotted was blonde with an orange tail.  I'm still kicking myself for not grabbing her right away because she was gone in a few hours and all that was left was the requisite Ariel wannabes.  Wild Republic is a company I'm well aware of from their animal replicas (one of my many other hobbies).  You can easily find Wild Republic toys in museum gift shops and tourist areas.  I know it's just a matter of time until I get all the color variations.  Let's check out this cool mermaid figure below!

This redheaded mermaid with a green tail and blue shells comes with a large sea turtle.

She has four points of articulation:  Arms, Head, and Tail.

I'm aware of three color variations in the Sisters of the Sea line.  The most popular one seems to be the redhead with purple shells.  She comes in a large playset with seven ocean animals.  This is the set that you can find on Amazon and eBay with no problem.

Here is the actual figure I saw in the shop.  I took a photo so I could Google the toy line later.  I quickly found out that online information is practically nonexistent.   The blonde figures come with a pink dolphin.

Here is a screenshot of the 2014 Wild Republic catalog.

Time for a Comparison Shot!



  1. Goodness, this one is too much!! So atrocious!! but thanx for review. Puts a smile on mah face.

  2. I only discovered Wild Republic today and I actually like these mermaids. The reason I like them is the articulation and the fact that they are a generic mermaid, not girly girly, not Disney-fied, not cartoon-ified or anything else. Just a basic mermaid, so I've decided to give them ago and have sought out a couple of them on eBay. I do kind of feel that the fin tails, seashells and hair colour are unfortunately either inspired by or based upon Ariel from the Disney Little Mermaid, but that aside, I'm looking forward to seeing them in the flesh.