Monday, January 19, 2015


ReAction Figures: Universal Monsters 1 - Bride of Frankenstein - Funko 2014

Funko's ReAction line is one of my favorite new lines of 2014.  When I first started becoming a serious toy collector back in the early 2000s, one of my favorite reference websites was Kevin Lentz's 3 3/4-Inch Archives.  The site hasn't been updated in about 7 years at this point, but I'm sure if it were, it would be brimming with excitement over these new figures.  There's something extremely charming and nostalgic about action figures from the late 70s and early 80s that gets lost on modern toys.  Funko's ReAction line is doing a great job of bringing that feeling back. While many of the (modern) ReAction properties don't appeal to me (Buffy, Nightmare Before Christmas, etc), most of the retro properties have me giddy.  For example, this Bride of Frankenstein figure finally fills the void left by her absence in Remco's 1979 Universal Studio's Mini Monster line.  As someone who was combing through those archives realizing the lack of women over the years, this line is a godsend.  Let's check her out below!

The split dress leg articulation bothered me visually at first, but now I view it as a quirky throwback to the few females they ever even attempted in the 70s (ie Princess Leia).

I just had a minor geek freakout when I realized Elsa Lanchester also played Katie Nanna in Mary Poppins.

Five splendid points of articulation.

Time for a Group Pic!



  1. A godsend? You must be kidding. This figure is hideous!

    1. For real, these kinda bring the toy hobby down a bit. They are as crappy as the 5 poa marvel stuff but at double, and sometimes triple the price, all in the name of "art".

    2. Totally understand where you both are coming from. All I'm saying is that - for what these are - I think they're perfect. They aren't meant to fill the same aesthetic needs as modern articulated figures (which I love). They're meant to harken back to the early days of action figures.. often in an ironic sense. I have the same visceral reactions to the soft-bodied mego-style figures. I think they're ugly, and I don't see the point of recreating a style that has been left in the dust through design and production improvements over the decades. BUT, I really appreciate the fact that this hobby caters to every facet of collectors. Just because I don't want it in my collection doesn't mean I'm not happy to see the variety on the shelves.

      I'm actually really curious to see how many new toy collectors have been created just because of this ReAction line. I have cousins who lived and breathed Star Wars in the late 70s. They couldn't be bothered with action figures now. But, I'll bet the thing that could trigger that first purchase could be that vintage style they once loved so much applied to some modern property they embrace as adults; like Pulp Fiction or Big Lebowski. It's just speculation on my part, but I'll bet it's happened a lot already. Plus the fact that you can buy these everywhere, not just tucked away in collector aisles means the exposure is massive.

      I'm curious to see at Toy Fair what the next phase of ReAction looks like. The Dark Crystal series will be the most interesting because they might continue to be in this vintage "kenner" style, or they might have acquired the actual vintage prototypes (which are very unique constructions). Guess we'll see soon!

  2. I love that there is finally a female for the Universals Monsters line.

    Oddly, the old Remco figures have better sculpt & paint work than the Funko figures.

    My only issue with the Bride is the dress. I have seen people on forums heat her legs & put an elastic band around them to set them closer together to look more like a dress.

    I'm pretty excited about the future of this line. But I also love the Mego style, heavily articulated toys...I own quite a few Barbies too! My tastes are too diverse for my own good! :D

    So far I only have the Back the the Future figures. I would also like to buy the Aliens, Buffy & Firelfly figures. I liked the look of the Big Trouble in Little China figures.

    The guy from Funko who answers questions on the Funko forums had this to say about the likeness issues:

    "ALL likenesses will be better going forward"

    1. The only other Universal Monsters figure I have both of is the Creature from the Black Lagoon and I think the Funko version is far superior in paint and sculpt. I can't speak for the others.

      My styles are very diverse too, but I have a million obsessions outside of action figures. I jokingly tell people that I collect hobbies. So in the big picture, yea, my styles are diverse, but as far as action figures go I'm actually kinda streamlined.

      I own the Ripley a couple Monsters. I want the Sarah Conner and the Firefly girls but the eyeball stamps always seem off-place when I see them in stores. Someday I'll find good ones.

      That's exciting about the new likeness dedication! I can't wait to ToyFair :)