Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Walking Dead - CLEMENTINE!

The Walking Dead (Video Game) - Skybound Exc - McFarlane Toys 2014

The Walking Dead is a pretty amazing property.  A few years ago you never could have convinced me that I would be obsessed with a zombie television series.  I don't like gore or horror and honestly I don't watch much TV.  Then I bought the Michonne comic-styled action figure and that convinced me to start watching the show.  Now a few years later I find myself inexplicably drawn to the show every season.  I never even considered additional characters in the video game franchise until I saw this Clementine figure solicited.  Clementine is the 11 year old protagonist of the Season Two game.  She is in the Season One game as well, but not as a playable character.  She's known as a smart and capable character peppered with the understandable naivety of an 11 year old.  The toy is cool.  She's so much smaller than any other figure in the line, but she looks like she has the gritty determination to hold her own alongside the other figures.  Let's check her out below!

This is the plain version of Clementine, she also comes in a bloody variant.
Both are available for purchase only at the Skybound Shop.

Clementine comes with a hammer, a handgun, and a backpack.  One of the backpack straps is attached with a peg that allows you to get the bag on her back.  It's a tight (nearly invisible) fit and I thought the backpack straps were going to break from strain when the clasp came undone and revealed itself.

Here are some images of Clementine from the game.

Clementine has all the great articulation we've come to expect from McFarlane Toys recently. I especially love the articulation at the hips because the seams are almost imperceptible. 

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with Carol and Andrea from the Television series.

And here she is with Andrea and Michonne from the comic series.



  1. Just ordered hr with Jesus. I love the whole WD universe, thou the video game freaks me out too much.

    1. I think the video games would freak me out, too. Although I think it would be super cool if they wrote these characters into the show.. at least for a cameo or something.

    2. I agree. It would be fun to unify a bit the universes. Like Daryl in the comic, etc. After getting this figure (and Jesus) i gave them to my best friend, who was visiting London, so i have to re-order, cause she looked great. He's bought me an Alien Queen as a thanks. How am i gonna fit her in my suitcase is another story. (he's in Barcelona). Im in London. Such logistics fun!

    3. Travelling with collectibles is always a hoot. I always take the bus to NYCC and I'm always that crazy guy boarding for the return trip with massively overstuffed shopping bags. Then once I got stopped at the airport in Texas and questioned about my catwoman statue. It was pretty embarassing.