Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Marvel Universe - BLACK CAT!

Marvel Universe Infinite Series - Wave 5 - Black Cat - Hasbro 2015

With all the Spider-Ladies getting so much attention in the comic and toy worlds lately, I was afraid our little Felicia would be feeling left out.  Black Cat is one of the longest-lasting of Spider-Man's costumed lady-friends.  I like her because she offers that Catwoman-like ambiguity of being an lover, adversary, or ally to Peter Parker on any given encounter.  My usual gut reaction is to rebel against female characters who seem wholly defined by their interactions with the title male, but given that her roots are in the Bronze Age, I'll give her a pass.  This Marvel Universe figure had me a little confused because I swore there already was a Black Cat in this scale.  I was wrong though, so I'm glad she's finally here to fill out the ranks. Surprisingly she's the first Marvel Universe lady since last July (if you don't count the SDCC exclusives).  The was the longest gap between ladies in years.  The upcoming Shanna and Emma Frost should make up for that a bit though.  Let's check out Black Cat below!

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here's she is with the 2007 Spider-Man 3 figure.



  1. She's sweet. I got her for completism. Think the MU figures are coming to an end. Far too simplistic, which i don't mind. I feel the 6" market is back with a passion. Lets see Shanna and Emma next. Then, we will see what happens.

    1. I was having this exact same conversation with a friend tonight. If they released more obscure characters like they did with Firestar, Enchantress, and comic Nebula, I would be loving this line. But when the only figures are ho-hum versions of characters we've seen made over and over again it gets pretty boring.