Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mastermind Creations - SALVIA PROMINON!

Reformatted R-10 - Salvia Prominon (Ancress) - Mastermind Creations 2015

Once again I am thoroughly won over by a 3rd Party figure.  This Salvia Prominion figure really confused me when I first saw pictures of her last year.  Basically this is because I had no idea who she was supposed to be.  After much reading on the numerous Transformer wikis, I discovered an interesting character called Solus Prime, one of the original 13 Cybertronian Transformers created to fight Unicron.  Solus was the only female Prime and was an expert weaponer.  Because of the historical deity-like flashbacks of the character, she is rarely shown in clear view. So with very little to go on, I think this MasterMind interpretation of Solus is amazing.  I never would have thought that lavender, gold, and translucent aqua would go so well together.  The Optimus-like faceplate adds a lot to the mysterious "Prime" status and the flowing details on her helmet and shoulders add a historic air to her design. She's surprisingly my favorite of the Reformatted fembots so far.  Let's check her out below!

For sharing a body so completely with Azalea, Salvia looks surprisingly different.  The unique color scheme, accessories, and added details (head and shoulderpads) make a huge difference.

Salvia comes with the same accessories as Azalea (Twin Sabres, Handguns, and a Flight Stand) as well as her signature Forge (aka the Forge of Solus).

The card Salvia comes with is printed on a thick plastic card stock.  I almost want to keep these in my wallet.

And another great-looking comic included.  I can't wait to read these.

I am really bad at Transforming action figures.  I get nervous that I'm going to snap off limbs and I'm bad at following the directions (which is kind of crazy because I'm a bonafide expert at origami and Ikea).  So, that said, please accept the solicitation image below as your only glimpse of Salvia's robot mode.  They do a really good job of creating different robots forms among the fembots, despite sharing the same body.

Salvia comes with a second set of wings in a bright greenish-teal color.  I'm assuming these are meant for the R-08Z Zinnia (Paradron Medic) figure that did not come with wings.  Mastermind Creations earned major points in my book for including these.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here is Salvia with her buck-master Azalea.


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