Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Power Rangers Imaginext - RITA REPULSA!

Imaginext - MM Power Rangers - Goldar & Rita Repulsa - Fisher-Price 2015

Woohoo!  I didn't expect to start finding these figures so quickly.  About three weeks ago I was having an irrational craving for more Imaginext figures.  I had just found the Series 4 blindbags so I should have been satisfied for a while, but I instead found myself Googling for Series 5 pics like a lunatic.  It was a bust.  But then Eric over at Toyriffic sent me an email letting me know about the upcoming Rita Repulsa figure.  I was ecstatic.  Not only was it another in the growing family of  Imaginext females, but a witchy villainous one to boot.  I have a thing for bad girls. I expected them to show up sometime in Fall, but I surprisingly stumbled across a display at one of my TRUs this weekend (they only had a few different pieces, not the whole line yet).  After getting my hands on this figure and Goldar, I predict the Power Rangers line will be really strong in this format.  I fully intended on selling Goldar, but I'm pretty much obsessed with him.  Hopefully everyone else will be too.  Let's check them both out in detail below!

It was exciting to see the additional figures on the cardback.  The Pink Ranger hadn't been shown previously and I think the Putty Patrol 3-Pack is news as well.

Rita's headdress is removable.  Let's get these boring shots over with...

Ahh.. That signature jester-like headpiece!  I love it.

Now on to Goldar.

First of all, I'm impressed that he's built like a giant Imaginext figure.  He has the same proportions as the standard buck, just greatly scaled up.  He seems to be made out of a slightly rubbery, but still rigid, plastic.

Rita has a standing platform on Goldar's back.  When Rita is locked in place, you can rotate her one way to make the wings pop out, and turn her the other way to make the right arm raise.

Goldar's tail is curled up into a loop on his back.  It appears to be made of rubber with a wire in it for posing (don't quote me on that).  I didn't want to play with it too much because I still might sell him.

Here are some images of Rita on her platform.

He's so big it's awesome.  Look how tiny she is by his feet.

Time for a Group Pic!



  1. Wow!

    I'm going to be honest: These look better and more accurate than almost anything else Bandai has ever made for Power Rangers outside of the Legacy line.

    1. Wow I'm behind on my comment replies! I completely agree. These figures are more fun, playable, and accurate than most MMPR toys I've seen. Have you seen the White Ranger, Goldar, and Zedd in wave 2? I'm hoping for Scorpina, too.

  2. Glad you found her! I saw this set at a nearby Toys R Us too this past weekend. I don't follow Power Rangers at all but that Goldar dude is pretty impressive and I'm tempted, so let me know if you do decide to sell him/trade him off. I might be interested :)

    1. I'll definitely let you know. Although I'm currently crushing on him and he's made a place for himself on my endtable... looks like he wants to stay for a while.

  3. Very excited about these!

    I'm not sure I recognise this outfit of Rita's. She generally wore a brown dress from memory.

    1. Good point! I didn't even notice the outfit color. I was looking all over for my Bandai figure for a comparison pic, but I couldn't locate her anywhere. I'm sure I would have noted the color change when they were side-by-side. Maybe.