Monday, June 29, 2015

Age of Ultron (Miniature) SCARLET WITCH!

Avengers Age of Ultron - Miniature Scarlet Witch vs Sub-Ultron 008 - Hasbro 2015

I have a recently rekindled love for 2.5" scale action figures. I've been Googling all these great long-forgotten (for me anyway) eighties toy properties since I posted on Gamora a few weeks ago. I now have a lot of tiny eBay packages due on my doorstep, and I've been obsessively hunting for this Scarlet Witch figure. I finally found her at Target this week. That find has been kind of bittersweet though. While I'm ecstatic to have another tiny lady in my collection (she makes 8!), I was pretty bummed that she was so out-of-scale with the Guardians of the Galaxy figures. I was imagining a whole line of Marvel heroines; one per movie.. Black Widow, Wasp, Sif, Captain Marvel. It was a pretty potent fantasy. But unfortunately the first two offerings are out of sync. It doesn't mean I don't still love this perfect little toy, but I'm just disappointed that Hasbro didn't have the foresight to tie their lines (and their future lines) together. I'll be okay though.  I just need time to sort out my feelings. Let's check out Wanda below!

The sculpting and proportions on these 2.5" scale figures is fantastic.   
The larger-scale (3.75"?) Age of Ultron figures look awkward in comparison.

Scarlet Witch comes with two Hex Power accessories and a Sub-Ultron (this Sub-Ultron is just a torso that attaches to a motorbike).  Each set comes with a different Sub-Ultron that combine into a larger Ultron construct (check out the cardback above to see what it looks like).

The articulation on these figures is predictably limited.  Wanda has five.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here she is with last year's Gamora.  Wanda measures 2.75" and Gamora measures 2.25".  That may seem like small potatoes on paper, but that's like a 4'11" person compared to 6'.  (Or a 3.75" action figure next to a 5").

And here she is with the larger scale Scarlet Witch.  See?  The big one looks all gangly and weird.


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