Monday, June 1, 2015

DC Collectibles - NEW 52 POISON IVY!

DC Comics (New52) Super-Villains  - Poison Ivy - DC Collectibles 2015

Of all the new character redesigns that came about in 2011's New52 reboot, Poison Ivy was the one that I had the most mixed emotions about.  At first glance, I absolutely hated it.  I thought she looked like a boring spandexed superhero and nothing like the elemental goddess she was.  But then I started reading Birds of Prey and I started to really like the new look.  I know the previous Jim Lee green-hued Ivy was a fan favorite, but I always thought she looked ridiculous.  The one-piece swimsuit design, "sexy" hair, and how she was always standing tiptoed didn't really seem like qualities the detached-from-humanity villainess would care about. So I was definitely open to a change.  Her New52 character was really cool.  For a while she was the creepy member of Birds of Prey that the rest of the team begrudgingly accepted into the ranks.  But it wasn't long before Ivy showed her true colors and betrayed them all.  Now she seems more like her old self in the pages of Harley Quinn.  Let's check out Ivy below!

People like to gripe about the markings on her face, calling them tattoos and saying they're cheesy.  But from the moment I saw the redesign, that was the one aspect I actually liked.  I never read any details of her costume's origin, but I always assumed it was alive like Spider-Man's symbiotic black suit and those were just extending tendrils on her face.

The sculpt by Karen Palinko is gorgeous.  She's one of the best sculptors of female figures out there.  She's in the three-way tie for my favorite.

Here are some images of Poison Ivy from the comics.

So, in the Birds of Prey issues I have read, Ivy would often have black eyes.  I wanted to see how she would look with that minor alteration so I did a quick photoshop on the next two photos.  I think it looks cool and I might actually do it.  It definitely makes her look more sinister.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Ivy with her favorite gal pal Harley.

2006's Alex Ross Justice League (also sculpted by Karen Palinko) on Left and 2004's Hush on Right.


---but wait.
I had such a frustrating time photographing Ivy that I took a series of photos with the flash on.  I normally hate using flash, but I thought it would be easier.  The pics turned out decent so I'm posting them down here instead of letting them go to waste.

Cheers again!