Sunday, July 5, 2015

UNKL DC Comics Heroes & Villains - HARLEY QUINN!

UniPo DC Heroes & Villains - Blind Box Harley Quinn - UNKL/Toynami 2013

My Harley Quinn collectibles hobby has been booming lately. It seems like every time I head into my comic shop or Hot Topic there is another little red and black jester taunting me. I first saw this UNKL Harley Quinn a few years ago in the Toynami booth at ToyFair 2013. For me it was an easy pass. I thought these figures looked like a bizarre cross of Funko Pop and Mighty Muggs with the facial stylings of Beavis & Butthead. Then I waited for her to show up in stores (just to solidify my criticisms in person). She never appeared. The preorder dates on websites kept being bumped later and later. I started getting mildly obsessed with finding her. Then finally a couple weeks ago I was picking up a few Dorbz at Hot Topic and I saw the UNKL blind boxes. There was a sale. It was destiny. I bought one with fingers crossed. It was my lovely Harleen. Now I'm kind of obsessed with this odd little addition to my collection. She's definitely ugly, but in a quirky way that I can get down with. Let's check her out in detail below!

This brand is a lot of fun.  Seriously.  Read all the blurbs on the box.  I kind of want to meet their copy writer.

Check out the Wonder Woman in Wave 2!

These UniPo figures have four nubs for feet.  It's oddly bovine.

Five points of articulation!  That's actually a lot for a vinyl figure like this.  Neck, Arms, and "Ears."
 (What the heck do you call jester hat points anyway?)

Time for a Group Shot!



  1. She looks like a combination of Harley and Little Face from Dick Tracy. And your luck is way better than mine - I'd have definitely ended up with the Flash if I dared tempt the blind-box Gods!

    1. Oh yeah Dick Tracy! I knew I was forgetting someone when I was comparing her face to Beavis and Butthead. I so rarely tempt the blind box gods, but I had just ended a fruitless toy hunt and Hot Topic always teases you with "buy one item get the next half off"... and I was buying the Gamora Dorbz. It was fate.