Monday, August 17, 2015

Marvel Legends - INVISIBLE WOMAN!

Marvel Legends 2-Packs: Wave 2 - Invisible Woman & Human Torch - Hasbro 2008

I swear it's pure coincidence that I'm reviewing all these Sue Storm figures on the same week that the long-awaited Fantastic Four reboot film was released. I've been a huge fan of the Fantastic Four for a long long time, but I've also decided long ago that my love of Marvel's First Family is best rooted in the comic world. Whenever there would be a new cartoon or movie featuring the Fantastic Four, I would always be hopped up on expectations, only to plummet down every time. By the time the 2005 film rolled around I was already a Doubting Thomas. But conversely, all the disappointing media made my appreciation for the comics and the characters really expand. This figure of Sue Storm was released in 2008, shortly after the Rise of the Silver Surfer movie came out (I still haven't seen it). The Invisible Woman is one of the most merchandised females in the Marvel Universe (Storm is the other top contender), but unfortunately she has very few decent action figures. This figure is one of the better ones, but even it has some serious flaws. Someday she'll get a good one like she deserves. Let's check her out below!

Sue was released in a two-pack with her brother Johnny, the Human Torch.  I believe these sets were exclusive to Toys'r'us, but don't quote me on that.

This "Classic Colors" version of the character is pretty great.  The figure overall has a nice form.  I only have two complaints.  First, she looks bored.  Not expressionless, or poker-faced, but actually bored.  Secondly, her hands are not in scale with her body.  I always wanted to find a suitable set of black hands to swap them with.

This figure came out in the midst of the awesome Wieringo & Waid run in the comics.  It was truly a great time for the FF.

A little classic Sue for you.

Time for some Group and Comparison Shots!



  1. You're right, although i own many Invisible Women, they all look odd. I always feel that Sue has never been pushed as an independent super hero (besides the John Byrne era), so thus has not got enough love in the figure department. The FF Classics is the best one full-stop, but has the ultimate outfit, and her face is too russian. The Jessica Alba ones are lovely, but she is too latina to be faithful to the original Sue. And this poor one, even if she is sharing mild with the 12" Phoenix icons... its just sad. Give it time, and the FF will be re-launch and we will get an updated Sue (plus the rest), we will treasure...Fingers cross, eh?

    1. I much as I look forward to Sue getting a great figure someday, my hopes aren't that high. I think the best bet would be for a classic-styled animated series. It could be adventurous, family-friendly, and could cut away all the live-action cheesiness. I could imagine some great toys coming from a series like that.