Saturday, October 24, 2015

Arkham Origins - LADY SHIVA!

Batman: Arkham Origins - 3-Pack - Lady Shiva - DC Collectibles 2015

Lady Shiva is one of those characters that has always been in my periphery but that I never truly got to understand or enjoy.  I gather she was a major character in the Cassandra Cain Batgirl series, but I had some issues with the art style on that title and only started reading when Pop Man took over near the end.  Lady Shiva is Cass' mother, she's in the League of Assassins, and in general she's just usually up to no good.  She kind of has the same presence as Talia al ghul.  I consider her one of the un-costumed bat characters that I don't really pay much attention to.  If this figure didn't come in the box set with Harleen Quinzel, I probably would have skipped her.  But since I bought her anyway, I'm not letting her go. (Don't try to figure me out).  This is a really nice looking action figure.  She looks way better in plastic than she does in the game.  You kind of can't go wrong with a Jonathan Matthews sculpt though.  Everything the man touches is gold.  Let's check out Lady Shiva below!

I love a sword accessory that can truly sheathe into its scabbard.

Lady Shiva's articulation is not too impressive.  Her legs are stiff with a very limited range of motion - very much like the old DC Direct T-Crotch figures with hinge knees and swivel boots.  She has no waist or torso cuts.  Her arms are actually well articulated with hinge and swivel shoulders, hinge elbows, and bicep and forearm cuts (no wrist articulation).  The head is ball jointed with a decent range of motion.  Overall it's 15 points of articulation, which isn't bad by any means, but for a fearsome warrior trained in every type or martial arts, she's is very un-poseable.

Here are some images of Lady Shiva from the game.

Before studying for this review, I didn't realize the character had been around so long.
Here is an image from her first appearance in 1975.

Lady Shiva also was a character in the Birds of Prey TV Series.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her box-mate, Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

And with Electrocutioner to round out the set.



  1. I come to this page very often and love the reviews done. However, could I request we get at least a few images showing articulation / poses please.

    1. It's funny you mention that. I struggled with my camera during this photoshoot and many of the pictures came out blurry. Even the ones I posted aren't nearly as crisp as I like. Many of the action shots I took came out really bad so I just deleted them. Mostly because her articulation isn't that impressive. I did a photoshoot last night and remembered to get a few extra shots of Shiva. They're posted above with a description of all her joints. Enjoy! Thanks for requesting more pics, it's easy for me to get lazy :)