Saturday, December 26, 2015


Power Rangers Dino Charge - Dino Steel & Dino Drive - Bandai 2015

I'm combining my reviews of these two figures because I've had them on the back burners forever. For those unaware, Power Rangers typically get several costume upgrades throughout the course of a series.  So far in Dino Charge, there was the Standard costumes, the armored Dino Drive costumes, and the differently-armored Dino Steel costumes. This review will cover the latter two costumes of the Pink Ranger so I can be all caught up. I don't usually get all the variations of the figures (because the changes can be subtle and not interesting for display purposes), but the Dino Charge series is a little different because there are at least ten rangers, and I'm hoping for a variety of female action figures in new colors (Aqua/Cyan especially!). We already got a surprise Purple so my hopes are high. I'd hate to miss out on a full set so I'm picking up the Pinks when I see them. Let's check out Dino Drive Pink and Dino Steel Pink in detail below!

I will start with the
Power Rangers: Dino Charge
Dino Drive Pink Ranger

Her accessories are the same mold as those for Action Hero Pink and Purple, but cast in translucent plastic.

Next up is the
Power Rangers: Dino Supercharge
Dino Steel Pink Ranger

I didn't go crazy with the turnaround pictures for this figure because she is basically identical to the original Dino Charge Pink Ranger with some addition armor on her Right arm.

Pink Steel's accessory is her Tricera-Drill.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

From Left to Right: Dino Drive Pink, Dino Steel Pink, and Action Hero Pink.

And with the Action Hero Purple to show all the Dino Ladies so far.



  1. I know almost nothing about the Power Rangers, but did pick up 3 of the larger Titan Series this past summer that I love- they are Dino Charge series, to- love the teeth around the mask and scaled armor biceps... really fun

    1. I really wanted the Pink Ranger Titan, but she only comes in a big multi-pack. And it's hard to tell online, but all the ones I've seen in person have been metallic.. and I'd much rather have a regular non-metallic if I'm spending that much.

  2. Nice pics there.
    Have a look for the SH Figuarts Pink Ranger (Kyoryu Pink) that is truely awesome (but 'limited' and not that cheap).