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Wild Kratts - Crawlers Set - Mantis Power Aviva - Wicked Cool Toys 2015

The Wild Kratts is a PBS Kids show that is now in its 4th season. I've been noticing the toys at TRU for years and was always intrigued by the animal themed costumes (and realistic animal accessories).  At some point I googled the show to discover if there were any female characters I should be keeping my eye out for (all of the toys seemed to be focused on the main two Kratt brothers in their Blue and Green animal power suits). Sure enough I discovered the character Aviva and found lots of pictures of her as purple-hued animals from the cartoon. I figured they would have to make toys of her eventually. A few months ago I discovered two versions of a civilian Aviva had been released.  Of course they were included in expensive boxsets and weren't all that interesting looking.  I wanted her in an animal form! Then my wishes were granted with this cool Mantis Power Aviva figure. These figures are small and unarticulated, but I think they are just great. I'm just hoping we see Aviva (or Koki) in more animal forms!

Aviva is also available in a smaller set as shown below

 I love animals, environmental themes, and adventure.. so clearly I'm smitten with the property. 

Here are some images from the cartoon.

Here is Aviva in her human form.

..and Groundhog...

as a Thompson's Gazelle

and as a Lawe's Parotian.

Here is the set together.  The Crawlers set comes with a Termite, a Hermit Crab, and an Orb Spider.

I'm note really sure what the power discs are for.  I assume in the cartoon that they play a part in the animal transformations.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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