Sunday, February 7, 2016

Marvel Legends - BEETLE!

Spider-Man Legends - Absorbing Man Series - Edge of Spider-Verse - Hasbro 2016

This figure was quite a surprise. When there was a leaked list of Spider-Man Legends figures last year including a female Beetle I immediately had to resort to google to find who she was. I was really excited about the prospect of this character, but I had honestly never heard of her. The list was apparently from a Walmart computer and was met with initial suspicion. That is of course until the first half of that roster was shown at SDCC. I still haven't read any comics with this particular Beetle in it (her name is Janice Lincoln), but I love a good insect-themed character. When we got the Wasp figure last year I was in love with her wings and was desperately trying to think of another character that they could be re-used on. The only idea I had at the time was Pixie from the X-Men, but that's before I was aware of this female version of the Beetle.  She's a pretty awesome looking figure and she makes a great addition to my Marvel Legends collection. Let's check out this purple winged beauty in detail below!

This bulky character is a previous female Beetle named Leila Davis. 
There was a Legends-Style figure of her in the Spider-Man line in 2005.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the Wasp figure from last year.



  1. That wasn't Leila Davis. It was Abner Jenkins.

    1. Pretty sure you're mistaken. Abner built the costume but never wore it. Leila wore it for a couple years until she was killed. Then the next person to wear it was Gary Quinn, but that wasn't until a year after the figure came out. That whole time Abner was wearing those silver "mach" outfits.