Monday, February 22, 2016


Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Tiny Titans Series 05 - Hasbro 2015

These awesome little figures were a complete surprise to me when I discovered them a few weeks ago. I was excited about the prospect of the Tiny Titans figures when series 01 first started showing up in the stores a little over a year ago. The token female of the Robots in Disguise animated series, Strongarm, was included in the blind bag first wave. I found her pretty quickly, but wasn't impressed at all. I didn't even think she was worthy of a review. I noticed a pretty quick succession of a second and third wave. No ladies were included so I pretty much just stopped paying attention. Then I stumbled across images of wave 5 which surprisingly had three really great looking fembots (including a second version of Strongarm that is vastly superior to the first). The fact that a G1 Chromia was included makes me super hopeful about interesting characters in futures waves. Arcee is a given, but my fingers are crossed for Elita-1, Firestar and Moonracer. Let's check out the three Wave 5 ladies below!

I think the blind bags are identical to the previous waves with the exception of the pink "Series 5" graphic underneath Optimus (each wave has a different color).


Each figure comes with a card insert.


The Windblade figure has a great sculpt, but looks the most lacking in the paint department.  These figures have very minimal paint apps with usually only 2 or 3 painted colors. Windblade has four colors on her head alone. But unfortunately I think that blew her deco budget because her body is sadly unadorned.


Here she is with the Series 1 Strongarm. She looks like a mashup of Transformers and Double Dragon.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three Tiny Titan ladies together.

And with the full-size Strongarm, Windblade, and Chromia.



  1. I'm still waiting (impatiently) for Wave 5 to show up in my area. I even resorted to buying Windblade on eBay because I can't wait (and I plan to pick up a couple so I can repaint them anyway.)


    1. I picked up mine on ebay. If I see them in person I'll get extras to repaint. My toy stores only seem to have up to Series 3 and my grocery store has Series 4.

  2. Replies
    1. They're pretty great. So much better than the Robot Heroes mini-figures from years ago.