Wednesday, March 9, 2016

DC Comics Superhero Girls - Action Figures!

DC Comics Superhero Girls - Series 01 Action Figures - Mattel 2016

Did you ever have one of those "woulda coulda shoulda" moments when an idea of yours comes to fruition but you had nothing to do with it? This DC Superhero Girls line is that for me. I remember about 10 or 15 years ago when the Disney Princess theme first started to form. I thought it was a genius idea and immediately started ranting about how all the DC superheroines could be just as successful. All these years later and it's finally happened. I was nervous of the quality and design of the figures, but I am extremely pleased. I think the intended audiences of young girls will eat these up and the adult collectors like myself will have no problems adding them to their "serious" collections. I can't wait to see what the future of the brand holds (there was a Lego line mentioned!) All I know is that I want a ton more of these beauties. These figures were released first in Targets across the nation on February 28th. I'll believe they'll be available in all stores by April or May. Let's check out the girls below!


Batgirl's Hood and Batpack are removable.

I like her a lot better without the hood.

There is going to be an exclusive Batgirl this Fall in a big playset ($50 I believe). This version has a sculpted ponytail, a removable helmet, black arms, and purple legs.  I'm not sure if I'll be splurging on her or not.

Poison Ivy

When shopping for these figures I noticed something interesting. Some of the figures have shiny faces and some have matte faces.  The matte faces look much better and I was luckily able to find matte versions of most of them at my Target. This Poison Ivy is an example of a shiny one. I also noticed that some packages were sealed with glue and some with tape. And some used rubberband fasteners and some use plastic tags. My guess is that there were produced either in multiple factories or over a course of time where certain changes were made.

Here's a picture I took at Toy Fair showing how she'd look with a matte face. 
The shiny one still looks great, but the matte has a subtle quality which I prefer.


Supergirl actually has my favorite design. I love her white collar and the fact that her sleeves are a darker shade of blue. 

This Supergirl is a great example of the matte face.

Her cape is removable and is made of a fairly rigid plastic.

These figures do not come with figure stands, but I found that this Protech stand of mine works great on them. 
It's the same stand I often use for MOTUC figures.

Harley Quinn

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman's lasso is less flexible than you'd expect which makes it pretty unwieldy. 
The coiled end has a tab that can plug into her belt.


Something of note about my Bumblebee: She has two left thighs.  The one on her right leg is a left thigh attached backwards.  Therefore she has a kneecap on the rear of her leg. All the other Bumblebees I've seen in stores since had not had this issue.  I'm not sure if I'm going to replace her or not.  Also, if you're in the market for her, make sure you pick one with wings as straight as possible. She's packaged at an angle so they come out of the package kind of bent up. It's fixable with hot water, but it's best to pick a good one from the start.

I love the sculpted honeycomb pattern on her boots and ribs.

Here is the main lineup from the cartoon.  Katana is the only main character not made into an action figure yet.

Other heavily featured characters are Hawkgirl, Cheetah, Killer Frost, and Star Sapphire.

Starfire and Miss Martian make multiple appearances as well.

And let's not forget Catwoman!

There are also a ton of cameos from other great DC ladies. Some notable ones are Black Orchid, Fire, Dove, Elasti-Girl, Dr. Light, Jinx, Ravager, Speedy, Thunder, Lightning, Mary Marvel, and Amanda Waller. Plus a bunch of possible sightings that I'm not 100% sure of. Like Lady Shiva, Giganta, and Soranik Natu.  I really can't wait to see future waves from this line!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!



  1. I can't wait to get a hold of these (and the dolls)! I've been waiting for these figures to hit the shelves since last year. They look really fantastic here.

    I'd love the next wave to include Star Sapphire, Killer Frost, Starfire, Hawkgirl, Catwoman, and Amanda Waller (my personal secondary favorites). Catwoman is sort of a necessity for me, as I generally collect along a "Gotham Girls" theme when I'm not solely focused on Harley and the Joker.

    1. I have a ton of Targets in my area (literally more than 20 within an hour drive) and they all have a nice selection of these figures on an endcap. The price for these figures is super-reasonable too at $9.99 each.

      I definitely want Catwoman. But I'm secretly hoping for the obscure characters like Dove and Black Orchid.. unfortauntely they are just background characters so far so they're unlikely.

    2. I was able to make it to one Target in my area last night and picked up Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn (no dolls left on the shelf though!). So, I finally got started with this collection, but Target's are a bit sparse here just because I currently reside in a city of about 290,000. So, basically, two in town. You, on the other hand, appear to live in the land of Targets!

      I knew the price point of all ahead of time and was very pleased that it was so reasonable. The sculpts and paint apps are quite good for the price as well.

  2. Try flipping the right leg around. It won't fix the problem (and might make it even more obvious), but at least then the kneecap won't be on the back of the leg?

    1. Interestingly enough, she came packaged with the thigh swiveled around. The problem with that is that is gives her a slight "buttock" bulge on the front of her thigh. The kneecap is much less inconspicuous :)

  3. These looks so awesome.

    This blog has cost me SO much money! Finding action figures I never knew about but now must have.

    1. Haha I hear that a lot. If it makes you feel better, This blog costs me WAY more money than I ever spent on my collections before I created it. I find myself saying "I wouldn't normally buy this, but i feel an obligation to have her on my site." It's gotten pretty out of control over the years.

  4. We don't have Target here in Canada anymore but I am hoping when these go into wider release that they won't be short packaged. I have been waiting for a line like this for years. I wish Marvel would do the same.

    1. Hopefully they will reach a wide distribution. I think once the cartoon starts next weekend their popularity will explode. But if you never see them in your stores, shoot me an email and I can ship you a set.

  5. I skipped the 6 inch figures and collected the dolls. I'd have liked a few more accessories, but other than that, these are awesome.

  6. As far as that glossy look, if you're daring, you can just give them a quick misting of flat clear spray sealer. Also, at least these face variants aren't like what was going on with the Playmates Enterprise bridge set... I'd bought a bunch of those sets... some faces would be cast in flesh plastic, but some of those same characters would be horridly painted in flesh paint.