Friday, May 6, 2016

12" Batman Unlimited - HARLEY QUINN!

Batman: Unlimited - 12" Action Figures - Harley Quinn - Mattel 2016

A few months ago I noticed a listing for 12" Suicide Squad Harley Quinn from Mattel. There were no pictures associated with it and it had a shipment date of June (when all the other movie stuff seems to be coming out).  So when I found this figure a few weeks ago I was really confused. It's clearly a comic-based Harley, but the 12" DC heroes don't seem to ever stick to a common design theme. I'm thinking this might actually be the Suicide Squad version solicited months ago, especially considering that Deadshot and Joker are solicited on the back. Then again, the 12" Wonder Woman came out in both Comic and Movie versions without much fanfare, so maybe we'll be seeing a second 12" Harley soon. I'm kinda digging these 12" figures.  I don't have room for them on my shelves, so they have a unique spot on my windowsill. I'm predicting a Catwoman and Gamora in the next few years. I have many empty windowsills waiting for them! Let's check out Harley Quinn below!

My criticisms about this figure both have to do with her head. I feel that it is a tiny bit too small and her mask is too narrow.  I noticed that the diamond patterns on her outfit are all missing, too. That's not such a big deal in my mind though.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the 12" comic Wonder Woman.

And with Black Widow.



  1. Well dammit all to hell, I have successfully avoided these massive figures for this long, but there is absolutely no way I can pass Harley up when I see her at the store! Where did you find her?

    1. She was definitely a clincher for me too. I had picked up Wonder Woman on a whim and that opened the floodgates, but that was only after I saw a listing for a Harley. I actually just got her on a Amazon. I've kept my eyes peeled for her in stores but haven't seen her anywhere.

  2. I'm still on the fence about her. I sincerely don't like the sculpt and am rather disappointed that the diamond patterns didn't make the cut. However, it's Harley, and since I actively collect HQ in all forms, she's going to be hard to pass up. I have yet to see her at retail yet.

    I think if her mask was properly sized, the head being slightly too small wouldn't be as much of an issue, as she would seem better proportioned overall (or at least it would assist in the visual illusion). She looks like she's in need of a little custom work.

    1. I felt the same way. The solicitation photos looked even odder than she does in person. I didn't mention this above, but her legs seem wayyyy too long. It worked with Wonder Woman, but the proportions look weird on Harley.

      I have to whip out my paints at the end of the week and I'll try to expand her mask and see what it looks like. I'll post it here when I do!

    2. Please do! I'll look forward to seeing it. :)