Sunday, May 15, 2016

BTAS Diamond Select CATWOMAN Bust!

Batman: The Animated Series - Catwoman Bust - Diamond Select Toys 2015

I've been really excited about all the awesome DST products lately. The Batman: The Animated Series and Batman '66 products alone have forced me to create detailed spending budgets for the last two years. I'm budgeted for 7 busts and I'm ecstatic about all of them. I have four already, and I can say without a doubt that this Catwoman one is the nicest. The sculpts by Steve Varner Studios are gorgeous on all of them, but all the paint apps have been very sloppy. This Catwoman is the only one of my first four that required no touch-ups at all.  Plus the sculpt truly looks good from every angle. I'm super happy about this because my Catwoman bust collection is my pride and joy. This BTAS one is my eighth and hopefully not my last (c'mon Michelle Pfeiffer! c'mon Earth Kitt! c'mon TNBA! c'mon Darwyn Cooke artist series!). There are so many great incarnations of Selina Kyle and I would love to see them all in this format. Let's check out this gorgeous Diamond Select BTAS Catwoman bust in detail below!

There was also a black & white version of this bust released as an SDCC exclusive in 2015.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the Harley Quinn bust from last year.


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