Friday, June 17, 2016

Character Spotlight - DOVE!

A Collection of DC's Beautiful Avatar of Peace: Dove (Dawn Granger) 2011

As enjoyable as it is to bask in all the Liefeld vitriol on the internet, I never take it too seriously. I'm secretly a fan. That's because in the late eighties I was obsessed with Rob Liefeld and his first Hawk & Dove miniseries. Those five issues are some of the most nostalgic pieces in my unwieldy comic collection. Traditionally Hawk & Dove was composed of the brother duo Hank and Don Hall as the avatars of war and peace. Shortly before the 1988 miniseries, Don was killed and a new female Dove named Dawn (a rather confusing homonym) took his place. I was pretty young and such a self-explanatory yin/yang type dynamic for a comic series was perfect for me. Add in the bird theme and I was hooked. I followed the subsequent Hawk & Dove ongoing series for years, got ecstatic when they briefly joined the Birds of Prey, and even found the 2011 New 52 reboot very enjoyable. I especially enjoyed those couple issues of Teen Titans that Liefeld drew which featured Dawn with her sister Holly as Hawk.

Having the peaceful side of the duo become female was a kind of obvious and stereotypical move in the 80s, but now having the violent irrational character also be recast as a woman all those years later made for some very interesting stories. Dove is definitely not an A-list heroine, but I will always have a soft spot for her. Let's check out all the figures of Dawn (in no particular order).

Brightest Day: Series 03 - Dove
DC Direct 2011
Sculpted by Sam Greenwell

DC Universe Classics: Wave 20 - Dove
Mattel 2012
Sculpted by The Four Horsemen

DC Comics Super Hero Collection
Blackest Night / Brightest Day #14 - Dove
Eaglemoss 2011

Women of the DC Universe: Series 03 - Dove
DC Direct 2011
Designed by Amanda Conner
Sculpted by Karen Palinko

DC Heroclix - Streets of Gotham #009 - Dove
WizKids/NECA 2012

DC Heroclix - Hypertime #090 - Dove
WizKids/NECA 2002

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