Monday, June 13, 2016


DC Comics - Rock Candy - Series 01 - Batgirl (Classic) - Vinyl Sugar/Funko 2016

Batgirl's classic look is one of the most nostalgic costumes for me in all of comicdom. In the late eighties I lived in a small town with three thriving comic shops and even a baseball card shop with a few long boxes of back issues in the corner. In all my hours spent flipping through backissues, my biggest treasures were always old copies of Batman Family. These comics were about 50 pages each (a major bargain in dollar bins!) and included original stories as well as reprinted silver age stories. As the name Family in the title suggests, these stories all seemed to feature the secondary characters in the Batman universe. This version of Batgirl was a major presence in these issues and I was smitten over her. Of course, in the present-day comics on the the same time, Batgirl was being crippled by the Joker, so my discovery of her coexisted with my first bouts of nerd rage. Still, my memories are mostly fond ones, and this Rock Candy vinyl figure brings all those nostalgic feelings racing back. Thanks Funko!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the Burnside Batgirl also released in Series 01.


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