Thursday, July 14, 2016

Funko POP Marvel - SHE-HULK!

Marvel POP! #147 - She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) - Funko 2016

In the late 1970s Marvel was running scared about outside creative groups infringing on their property likenesses. In 1978 Filmation created a cartoon called Web-Woman featuring a purple-clad space adventurer with vague spider-like powers. This was nothing like Spider-Man at all, but it scared Marvel into thinking "Oh crap! We better create a female Spider-Man before anyone else does!" And within a few months we had Spider-Woman. The same premise was behind She-Hulk.  At the time, the Bill Bixby Hulk Television show was pretty popular, and The Six Million Dollar Man just hit paydirt with the Bionic Woman spinoff, so Marvel was certain that the Hulk show producers would mimic this and create a lady Hulk that Marvel wouldn't have any rights to. So Stan Lee whipped up the Savage She-Hulk and we've been graced with her amazing green presence ever since. She's arguably the most successful of Marvel's gender-swapped heroes. She's had numerous solo titles and a slew of impressive team affiliations under her belt. But honestly her true measure of greatness is her inclusion into the world of Funko Pop!

(Coincidentally, She-Hulk was the last character Stan Lee created for Marvel before his unexpected return twelve years later to contribute to the Marvel 2099 titles)

Just like in the Captain Marvel review from earlier this week, I'm throwing in a secondary review of the Marvel Collector Corps exclusive She-Hulk Mystery Mini (Funko 2016)

Time for some Comparison Pics!


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