Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Miraculous - Action Figures Series 01 - Ladybug & Marinette - Bandai 2016

We are in the middle of a revolution of female-led action properties and toylines. The I Am Elemental Kickstarter got the ball rolling last Summer. Then DC Superhero Girls burst onto the scene this Spring. Then Ghostbusters flooded the shelves. And next year Mysticons will be sure to be a hit. But right now we're seeing the first figures for a lesser-known but very cool property called Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Miraculous is a French CGI-animated series following the adventures of Marinette, a young fashion designer and her male model crush Adrien who fight crime as Ladybug and Cat Noir. The first season began in December 2015 here in the US (on Nickelodeon) and I believe seasons 2 and 3 are already completed and airing in foreign markets. I've seen about 6 episodes (last night!) and I really like it. Hopefully this action figure line continues because there are a lot of cool characters I would love to see in my collection. Let's check out Ladybug and her secret identity Marinette below!

This figure is very well articulated.  the only difficult joint is the waist. It swivels, but perhaps it in not supposed to, I could just be torquing a snap-together seam by twisting it.

Ladybug comes with her signature yo-yo-type weapon and heart thing that I don't fully understand.

And here is Marinette in her civilian look.

This figure is not nearly as well articulated as her costumed version. She's missing wrist and ankle joints which really limits her range of motion. It's a shame there isn't at least a swivel joint by the cuff of her pants.

Also included in the first series are Cat Noir and his secret identity Adrien.

Below are some characters from the series that I think would make awesome toys someday. Additionally there is a Bee Miraculous and a Peacock Miraculous that we'll be seeing in the show eventually.



Lady Wifi

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

It's funny how many Ladybug-themed characters Bandai has made. 
Below is Tackle from Kamen Rider and Tentorina from B-Robo Kabutack.



  1. She's really cool! My little one is a fan of Ladybug Girl who is a children's book character. She has two books, a dress, and a little Ladybug Girl doll. When I first saw the picture of this figure I thought maybe it was a Ladybug Girl product!

    1. I see that Ladybug girl stuff at Target all the time and was so tempted to buy the little ladybug-spotted rainboots for my niece. I also like the Bumblebee Boy. There's a wide range of products already hitting the stores for Miraculous. Your daughter might like the dress-up set because it comes with a cool ladybug eyemask.