Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DC Collectibles Darwyn Cooke SUPERGIRL!

DC Comics Designer Series: Darwyn Cooke - #2 Supergirl - DC Collectibles 2016

The saddest moment of 2016 for me was the heartbreaking news that Darwyn Cooke had passed away. Moreso than actors and musicians, the passing of comic artists always hits me particularly hard. It might be because I have no acting or musical skills whatsoever, so the art forms I relate to most deeply are drawing, painting, and sculpting (all of which I dabble in). Comic artists in particular always seem immortal to me. The serial nature of comics and the constantly regenerating storylines tease you into thinking the artists behind them will be just as long-lasting and consistent. Plus there's a unique bond that forms between comic artists and their fans. Over time you really feel as if you know them. I've never met Darwyn Cooke, but I hear he was a wonderful man and he will be sorely missed. I have all his older New Frontier figures and I am so happy to have his unique style further represented in my collection with this new artist series. It's bittersweet, but the tribute is fitting and welcome.

Jonathan Matthews did an amazing job with this sculpt. The New Frontier series from 2006 was great for the most part, but the Wonder Woman figure was the worst of the group (also sculpted by Jonathan), and I feared that maybe the Darwyn's females might not translate well into 3-D. But these new figures have restored my faith.  I'm really excited for series two.

Supergirl has limited articulation that hearkens back to the early days of DC Direct. But this isn't the type of figure that I purchase for playability, so I am perfectly happy with the final product.

Supergirl comes with the awesome super-pets Streaky and Krypto. They are articulated at the neck and legs.
It makes me wish that the Batman figure came with Ace.

Wouldn't it be amazing to get a Comet the Super-Horse someday?

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the 2006 New Frontier Wonder Woman.



  1. I know how you feel about Mr. Cooke -- an amazing talent gone way too soon. I love his style and am glad to see these figures coming out. I'd really love to see a Cooke entry in the Art of War Wonder Woman statue line -- his WW was always the best!

  2. The beauty of art is that it is its own share of immortality. So, in many senses, Mr. Cooke will live on through what art he did produce and has shared with the rest of us.

  3. I noticed you always use the Hush Catwoman for comparizon pic.. Does she happen to be your favorite?

    1. Actually for a long time she was my favorite. When I started this blog back in 2012 she was the best Catwoman figure out there. I also thought at the time that she was a figure that a lot of similarly-minded collectors would own. Another reason why I always use her is because she stands extremely well. The last thing I need when taking my final photo of a shoot is to deal with a figure that is constantly toppling over. Great question!

  4. Hi

    I love your reviews. I just customised a Darwyn Cooke inspired Doom Patroller Celsius. I agree such a talent too soon gone. if you wish to see her please email me and I send you my picture. Im no great talent but wanted to create some other b list heroes. I love the Cooke Catwoman best.