Monday, November 14, 2016

Power Rangers - MMPR PINK RANGER!

Power Rangers Legacy Collection Series 2 - MMPR Pink Ranger - Bandai 2016

The Power Rangers Legacy series is going strong. This second wave adds the Blue, Black, and Pink Rangers to the previously released Red and Green MMPR from Wave 01. (Yellow and White will be released in Spring of 2017). This Pink Ranger is easily the most iconic of all the female Rangers so I'm glad she was released early in the line. Bandai is pretty smart to stagger the different rosters between the waves. There are 40 iterations of Power Rangers to draw from so they really need to pace themselves. I'm actually pretty curious to see how well the line sells after the Mighty Morphin' team is complete. They already completed Ninja Storm and started Power Rangers in Space. And by this time next year we should also have a complete Power Rangers Zeo team as well. I know MMPR will be the best sellers for the collecting market, but hopefully the less popular themes will hit those nostaligic notes as well. There are a lot of weird Rangers I'd love to see in the future. Let's check out the MMPR Pink Ranger below!

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the Blue Wind Ranger from Series 01.

And with the 3.75" Pink Ranger from 2010.


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  1. this gives the figuarts ptera ranger a run for it's money ! especially this particular helmet !