Friday, November 18, 2016

The Bat-Family Ladies of PINT-SIZE HEROES!

Pint-Size Heroes Blind-Bags - DC Series 01 (Batman) - Funko 2016

The folks at Funko must spend every day eating cotton candy, making friendship bracelets and having sing-a-longs. The sheer amount of cuteness coming from their headquarters and flooding the stores is almost unbearable. Just at a time when I was seriously reconsidering my Funko Pop habits (sheerly out of concerns for space), they came and unveiled a perfectly tiny and adorable line of all my favorite characters. I'm really smitten over these little guys and I desperately hope there will be tons more in the future. The Spider-Man boxes are starting to show up now with a handful of cool Marvel ladies... but I already want more. There's something really nice about blindbags that are really easy to squeeze for your favorite characters. And if that doesn't work, there is a tiny window in the corner of each bag that will give you a peek at the color of the figure inside. (But be warned the Marvel set has a card inside each bag which makes the process much more difficult). Let's check out the Pint-Size Bat-Ladies!

The price of these blind bags varies a lot.  They are usually $2.99-3.99, but stores like Hot Topic charge $6 each. I would plan your purchases carefully because these are addictive and the cost will add up fast.

I'll start with the
Classic Batgirl
This is a "Regular" release character that is excluded from the store exclusive boxes (i.e. she's not in the Hot Topic or GameStop assortments).

Next up is
Burnside Batgirl
This character is available in every box.

Here's an oddly cute one...
Batgirl (Pink)
I don't know if a pink Batgirl has any backstory to it or not, but it looks really cool. She is exclusive to the Hot Topic assortments.

Next up is
New 52 Harley Quinn
She is exclusive to the GameStop assortment.

And here is a cleverly repainted
Arkham Knight Harley Quinn
This one is exclusive to the Hot Topic assortments.

Next up is
Classic Harley Quinn
This figure is available in every box.  Note: there is a black & white version of this figure in the display window of each box, as far as I know she's not actually included in any assortment, but people are asking the stores to buy the empty box to get the b&w Harley.

This group couldn't be complete without
This figure, like the Classic Batgirl, is released in all "Regular" assortments, but it not in the exclusive boxes at Hot Topic or GameStop.

And last but not least
Poison Ivy
This figure is available in all assortments.

Time for some Group Pics!

Here are the adorable Gotham City Sirens together.



  1. I think the pink Batgirl is supposed to represent all the weird children's merch and costumes where Batgirl's costume is pink (because girls only like pink, apparently!)

    1. Oh yeah, I totally forgot that I've seen those random pink batgirl Halloween costumes. Or maybe this is the start of a rainbow of Batgirl like they've been doing with Batman. The walmart funo box has an exclus ive color batman in it.. Purple I think? I hope they add more because as cute as this little pink lady is, she's an eyesore on my batgirl shelf.