Monday, February 27, 2017

Marvel Legends - DISCO DAZZLER!

Marvel Legends - X-Men Legends: Warlock BAF Series - Dazzler - Hasbro 2017

This newest wave of X-Men Legends figures has given us two very classic characters that were long overdue in Legends form. Polaris was the third female mutant in the Marvel universe, but she didn't appear in the Legends series for 15 years. Dazzler also has some major historical presence. She was created in 1980 as a bizarre cross-marketing scheme. Marvel Comics, Casablanca Records, and Filmworks planned on simultaneously introducing a comic book character, a real-life recording artist, and a motion picture based on a disco-singing bo-derek-lookalike mutant. The other platforms failed, but her life in comics has been impressively persistent. Her solo series lasted for four years, the movie script was turned into a graphic novel, and she has gone on to be a member of the X-Men, Excalibur, S.H.I.E.L.D. and most recently, A-Force (among others). That's pretty impressive for a character who is more of a performer than a fighter. So, yeah, it's about time. Let's check Dazzler out below!

 This disco costume is both her most iconic look and her most impractical. But I'm really glad this is the look chosen for her first figure, because roller skates and Farrah Fawcett hair aren't the most marketable features on a modern figure. My only wish for this figure is that she had her longer iconic hair. I couldn't even find a pic of her with this shorter flipped-out look.

Dazzler comes with a microphone and a light/energy blast that is a recolored accessory from Scarlet Witch.

She also comes with the Left Arm of Warlock.

Time for Some Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her wave-mate, Polaris and the Build-a-Figure Warlock.



  1. A really great figure of an interesting character creation. Would have been interesting to hear the single that Casablanca Records intended to put out. Not to mention if the Board Derek movie had ever been made. I still wish they had modeled Dazzler after Grace Jones, but at least Filmation eventually have us the Jones-inspired Huntara - lol.

    1. Do we know if the single was ever written? I'd be surprised if it didn't see the light of day eventually if it was. I always thought Dazzler would make a great stand-alone Netflix show. I could be like a cross between Jessica Jones and Jem.