Friday, March 31, 2017

MOTU Action Vinyl Variants - TEELA & EVIL-LYN!

MOTU Walmart Series - Blind Box Vinyls - Teela & Evil-Lyn - Loyal Subjects 2016

One of the biggest bummers about Toy Fair 2017 for me was that Loyal Subjects did not show off any of their seconds series of Masters of the Universe Action Vinyls. I'm still not totally sold on these guys. Aesthetically they really stray from my typical fare, and expensive blind box items make me feel like a sucker. But all that doesn't stop me from coveting a future Sorceress (and She-Ra for that matter!). So despite no Teela-Na or Adora making an appearance at the show, they did show a Cheetara prototype and a third series of MOTU Series 1 repaints. This review is for the Wal-Mart exclusive repaints featuring "mini-comics pink" Teela and "yellow classic toy" Evil-Lyn. The upcoming third series of repaints will feature a Classic Toy Teela and a 200x Evil-Lyn. If the assortment is easy to come by (like these Walmart ones were), I will probably cave once again. Or who knows, maybe I'll grow a spine and say no. Only time will tell. Let's check out the redecoed Teela and Evil-Lyn below!

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Standard Filmation release on the Left, Walmart exclusive vintage toy colors on the Right.

Standard Filmation release on the Left, Walmart mini-comics variant on the Right.


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