Monday, April 10, 2017

Wonder Woman - HIPPOLYTA!

DC Multiverse - Wonder Woman Ares Series - Queen Hippolyta - Mattel 2017

I'm really impressed with this DC Multiverse Wonder Woman wave. The sculpts just may be the best Mattel DC figures I've ever seen. After the (lackluster) Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad waves, these figures completely restore my faith in brand. This Queen Hippolyta is my favorite of the bunch. For such an important character in the mythos of Wonder Woman (the most merchandised female in all of comicdom), it's surprising that this is the first Hippolyta action figure ever. In fact, before this movie we only had a single mini-bust (lamely and confusingly dressed as Wonder Woman) and a couple Heroclix. But now she's finally getting her due in the form of Funko Pop, Barbie, Imaginext, Itty Bittys, an NJ Croce Bendy, and of course this amazing Multiverse figure. And that is just what is announced so far. I really really hope the movie is good and the line is a success because I want the same treatment for the Gotham City Sirens and Batgirl movies. Let's check out Queen Hippolyta below!

Queen Hippolyta comes with a staff/spear and a sword.

She also comes with the Right Arm and Left Leg of Ares.

Her cloak is removable.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three ladies from this wave: Diana, Hippolyta, and Wonder Woman.

And here she is with a (slightly retouched) BvS Wonder Woman from last year.

And finally here's the whole wave with Ares and Steve Trevor.



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  2. I have always been a huge WW fan (I'm still disappointed that we never got a big movie based on the Perez run in the late eighties) so I have all my fingers crossed for the upcoming film! As WW is the best-known superheroine to the general public, I have a feeling that the future of female-led superhero films may depend on on the WW film's success.

    Although there's been tons of WW merchandise, this is by my count only the second WW-centered action figure line after DC Direct's 2007 four figure line based on the Dodson run (not counting the 1977 Mego line, which were fashion dolls). I would LOVE to see a second wave, but at this rate I am grateful we got a line of action figures at all and that there are so good to boot!

    This figure is gorgeous! I can't wait to get her in hand! I think these four (five counting Ares) figures are Mattel's best work in years! If it wan't for the standard Mattel articulation cuts, I would almost swear another company produced them.

    There is also a new 12" Multiverse Diana that is gorgeous and blows the BVS multiverse figure away. I have read on your posts that you thought the Multiverse Harley Quinn figure was awful, but I felt that way about the BVS Multiverse Diana - LoL. As a huge fan, it makes me so happy they have done these new figures right!