Friday, June 16, 2017

Marvel Legends - MARY JANE WATSON!

Marvel Legends - Spider-Man & Mary Jane 2-Pack - Toys R Us Exc - Hasbro 2017

The action figure world historically isn't very inclusive of civilian characters. Even obvious choices like Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent and Diana Prince rarely get the action figure treatment. Secondary characters like Alfred Pennyworth, Mary Jane, and Lois Lane seem to fight an uphill battle for representation in plastic. I think this is only the third true action figure of MJ. In 1999 there was a Toy Biz figure (with a bizarre Santa Claus redeco later the same year), then a 3.75" Marvel Universe figure in 2010. (I'm excluding movie figures and mini-figures like SHS, Lego, and Mini-mates). So, yeah, this Marvel Legends Mary Jane was a long-awaited addition to the line. Lately she's been donning spider-costumes as Spinneret, Iron Spider, Mangaverse Spider-Woman, and multiple other-earth Spider-Woman roles. So who knows, this civilian Mary Jane could just be the tip of the iceberg. Not to mention the current MJ cover theme which always has the potential to generate a new character a'la Gwenpool. Let's check out Mary Jane below!

The only thing I don't like about this figure is that I really wish she has some alternate hands. For a civilian character, her hands seem super dramatic. Some options would be really nice. I'm sure I have some extras floating around, but it will take some digging.

I love the fact they they used her classic black sleeveless shirt with jeans. It looks very modern on this figure, but perfectly replicates her first appearance.

Mary Jane of course comes with her main squeeze, Spider-Man. This figure is notable for coming with a great Peter Parker head.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. You are correct, civilian figures are all too rare. If nothing else, I wish we got some builder packs of genetic civilian bodies for all the alternate heads. Mary Jane is a character that I have mixed feelings about (she really seems excel or suffer depending on the writing, even more than most comic characters), but this figure is excellent for customs.

  2. I always crush on redheads. :) But yeah, this figure looks pretty good. Last time I saw an Mary Jane Watson figure was McDonald's when they had that deal with Marvel/Fox Kids with the 90's animated series.

  3. So glad they made this set. Very happy to finally get a Mary Jane figure. Of course, add the Spidey to the pile I already have. Still - a great addition.

  4. Anyone else getting super Emma Stone vibes from that face?