Thursday, September 21, 2017

Star Wars 6" Black Series - REY (JEDI TRAINING)!

Star Wars: The Black Series #44 - Rey (Jedi Training) - Hasbro 2017

If you asked me a month ago if I was going to dive deep into the Last Jedi merchandise, I probably would have said no. But then a few more interesting figures were slowly announced and my interest stirred up a little. Then the final nail in the coffin was my friend Brad wanting to do Force Friday midnight shopping. For those of you who haven't partaken in the event, it's like Black Friday for nerds and it's wonderful. I love Star Wars as a property, but I have never been fanatical about collecting the toys. Yet if you get me lined up outside a store at midnight with a bunch of fans, you will see how quickly I assimilate and fill my shopping cart with cool stuff. I was honestly planning on skipping this Rey - mostly because I thought she looked too similar to my Force Awakens figures, but in person I could see the differences and improvements and couldn't resist. Now I must put the brakes on before I double my Rey collection, but it's really hard when you see the quality first hand. Let's check out Last Jedi Rey below!

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Rey comes with her signature staff, a lightsaber, and a small gun.

Hopefully her skirts relax and drape more nicely over time. Currently they stick out kind of awkwardly.

The blue portion of her lightsaber is removable.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the recent Disney Elite Series figure.

And with the 12" Hasbro figure.


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