Thursday, November 30, 2017


Saga - The Will & Lying Cat (SDCC) and Hazel & Izabel (NYCC) - McFarlane 2017

I don't think anything has made me happier this year than the release of two more Saga action figure sets from McFarlane Toys and Skybound Entertainment. Despite the insane popularity of this property in the comic community, the wide-scale release of these figures might not fare too well on the open market. So releasing them as limited convention exclusive editions is a perfect marketing plan. I hope the initial three sets have been profitable enough to warrant many more. The Stalk and Prince Robot are the highest on my wishlist for next year, with a Ghüs and Friendo right behind. But honestly almost every character would make an incredibly cool looking action figure. But for now we get new figures of the bounty hunter The Will, the spectral babysitter Izabel, the fib-finding Lying Cat, and the catalyst of the whole amazing story, Hazel. These figures couldn't be more well made and I hope everyone responsible for their production knows that. Let's check out the new batch in detail below!

First up is Izabel. Izabel is a Horror from the planet Cleave. Basically a gruesome ghost trapped in purgatory on her planet. But she finds a loophole to escape by bonding with Hazel and becoming her otherworldly dismembered babysitter.

Izabel's intestines could be so much more gross, but I am glad they are not.

Here are a couple shots showing off Izabel's translucency.

Next up is Hazel, the narrator and epicenter of the whole plot. Her parents are from two warring factions, the horned Moonies of Wreath and the winged Landfallians of Landfall. Her very existence is seen as a threat to the military constructs on both sides. She rarely shows her wings and horns at the same time so as not to divulge her secret origins.

Hazel comes with her weird little doll, Ponk Konk. It's crazy that even the accessories are awesome looking.

Lying Cat is the animal companion of the bounty hunter The Will. She has limited psychic and speaking abilities and will utter a creepy "lying" when she hears an intentional lie.

So, this is a little embarrassing, but even though I've read and loved every issue of Saga multiple times, until I sat down to post this review, I thought Lying Cat was male. Therefore I hardly took any individual photos of her. The most important detail I've missed is that she has an extra set of seated rear legs (she's wearing them in the package). They let her sit on her haunches (as she is often shown). She also has a lot more articulation than I expected. She has ball joints at both ends of her neck as well as a ribcage joint and a hinge and swivel tail.

It's not shown here, but The Will comes with two versions of his lance: one retracted and one distended.

Time for a Group Pic!

Here are the new figures along with Marko and Alana from last year.



  1. OMG, you're so right, this sets are among my favourites this year. And I hope hope, we gat the Stalk, as her design is awesome. I'm still furious she hasn't got a twin sister with red hair...
    Saga is my favourite comic at the moment, with Walking dead; and I hope Petrichor is not far away in the making.
    Fiona Staples is the best artist since George Perez. So glad you're a fan too, and reviewing this beauties.

    1. Petrichor would be very interesting. I think trans characters may be the least-represented minority of all in the toy world. Did you read the new Archie series when Fiona was drawing it? It was kind of amazing, but far too brief.

  2. I know this is an old post, but I was just searching for owner photos of these.

    This was perfect, so thanks!