Saturday, January 13, 2018

Stranger Things - ELEVEN!

Stranger Things - Action Figures Series 01 - Eleven - McFarlane Toys 2017

I love Stranger Things. When the first season was teased a few years ago, I for some reason got the impression that it was written by Stephen King. I'm a huge King fan so I was really excited for it. I was a few episodes in when I realized that it didn't seem like something he would write, but by then I was hooked anyway. (It turns out the series was just inspired by King.. and Spielberg, Shyamalan, Carpenter, Del Toro, etc etc). The story takes place in the the fictional small town of Hawkins, Indiana during the early 1980s. Here, four young outcast characters meet a mysterious girl named Eleven with telekinetic powers. Eleven is the central character of the show, but it mainly works because it's an ensemble cast of fantastic actors that make a really fun show. Plus the small sleepy town in the early 1980s is a great setting that is both nostalgic and creepy (and they replicated that era perfectly). There is a lot of merchandise for the show already, but these McFarlane figures take the cake. Let's check out Eleven below!

Overall I love this figure. But it has a couple problems. First of all, there is something not quite right about the articulation in her ankles. I can't tell exactly how the joints are structured, but they aren't engineered quite right and therefore she needs the figure stand to prevent her from toppling over.  My other issue is that the sculpt comes very close to a great likeness of actor Millie Bobby Brown, but there is something about the overall shape, size, or angularity of her head that seems a little off. Or maybe her neck is just a few millimeters too short.  Again, it's a great figure, but it's my duty to nitpick.

Eleven comes with two extra hands, a walkie talkie, one of her trademark Eggo waffles, and a wig.

The wig is a fun accessory but it's pretty much a mess. Actually this is probably a more accurate depiction of what an old shake-and-go Halloween wig would look like compared to the unrealistic lacefront fantasy thing she wore in the show.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the Funko ReAction figure.


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  1. Awesome figure and I like the scale. Wish they would release more than 2 at a time.