Tuesday, February 27, 2018

DC Direct Green Lantern ARISIA!

Green Lantern: Blackest Night Series 03 - Green Lantern Arisia - DC Direct 2010

With the new DC Multiverse Jessica Cruz figure in my sights, I really wanted to finally review this older Green Lantern Corps member that I've had in storage forever. The Blackest Night and Green Lantern waves from DC Direct released dozens of Lantern characters in only a few short years (The Blackest Night line alone had eight waves and over 37 figures!) I wish there was a bat-family line with that kind of dedication (Hush was the biggest with 16). Over the course of the Green Lantern boom we got a lot of classic characters in plastic for the first time. Arisia was a Corps member first introduced in 1981. She is from Graxos IV where the inhabitants have golden-orange skin and elf-like ears. She's run the gamut of predictable storylines for a supporting female characters: death, resurrection, love interest for the title character, etc. I avoided this figure for a long time because I thought she looked like a scantily clad blonde meant for more titillation than substance, but she's grown on me. Let's check her out below!

I wish her skin was more of an unnatural orange like in the comics. A strange skin tone makes the gravity-defying outfit a little more palatable somehow.

The sculpt on this figure is not my favorite. Actually, I think my issues all come from tooling decisions and production problems, because you can tell that Karen Palinko's underlying sculpt was probably really great. The face is still terrific, but her arms and legs seems misshapen with awkward articulation. But there are several good poses that mask her oddly-shaped arms, so it's not that bad overall.

Most of the Green Lantern figures in these waves came with the same lantern accessory (which she can't hold, only balance in her open hand) and a figure stand.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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