Sunday, July 1, 2018

Kickstarter: SUPERHEROINE 1:10 BLANKS!

Superheroine 1:10 Scale (7") Action Figure Blanks - Maven Collectibles 2018

I'm really excited about this new Kickstarter campaign from Maven Collectibles. The Superheroine 1:10 Scale (7" inch) Action Figure Blanks campaign features two beautifully sculpted and highly articulated female bucks with a wide variety of interchangeable parts available (heads, hair, hands, and feet). Plus a number of stretch goals that include weapons, different skin tones, and a third (petite) body style. The two initial bucks are (1) Superheroine Tall - which measures 8" and seems like a She-Hulk or Big Barda type. And (2) Superheroine Athletic - which measures 7" and seems like a Rogue or Power Girl. I'm not even a customizer but I'm very excited to add these two to my collection (ideally with blue skin and white hair!)  And I'm even more excited to see what all the actual customizers do with them. This is only the 5th Kickstarter I've ever pledged, so you could say I'm pretty selective. I encourage everyone to check out the campaign page to see all the photos and make a pledge. I want all the stretches!

The Superheroine Tall body measures 8" tall.

The Superheroine Athletic body measures 7" tall.

The articulation is everything we've come to expect from Marvel Legends or recent DC Multiverse figures. But in addition, these bucks have toe articulation and the Tall body has double jointed elbows. I count 26 or 28 points of articulation depending on the buck.

I'm impressed with the six different hairstyles included in the deluxe packages. There are also five different facial expressions, five sets of hands, and both bare and shoe-clad feet.

Go make a pledge by clicking HERE!


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