Thursday, July 5, 2018

Marvel Mini-Bust - WASP (RETRO)!

Marvel Mini-Busts - Wasp (Classic / Retro Version) - Bowen Designs 2007

I just bought my tickets to see Ant-Man and the Wasp this coming Saturday and I'm suddenly feeling super nostalgic for the classic Janet van Dyne with her red shoulderpads, pointy helmet, antennae and mouthpiece. I'm hoping there will be some flashback scene showing Michelle Pfeiffer's Janet in this costume. IMDB lists her as "Wasp" so the chances are pretty good. Then, of course, my follow-up wish is for a Marvel Legends figure in this outfit. Considering she was one of the founding Avengers, it's shocking that there are only a couple pieces of merchandise of her in this outfit. In fact, I think we are owed a Legends figure with a pack-in 3.75" figure as an accessory. And while we're at it a Nadia van Dyne as the Unstoppable Wasp would be welcome as well. I'm really curious to see the impact of this film when we see new product unveiled at SDCC in a few weeks. I'm always overly optimistic, but I think some of my wishes are a good bet this time. Let's check out this classic styles Wasp bust from Jim Maddox and Bowen Designs.

There were two variants of this bust: Classic and Modern. They share the same box but have a red sticker indicating which version is within.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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