Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Jurassic World - CLAIRE DEARING (v2)!

Jurassic World - Series 02: Claire Dearing & Stegosaurus - Mattel 2018

With my recent long-awaited purchases of the Maisie Lockwood and Zia Rodriguez Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom figures, I realized that I never posted my pictures from this second version of Claire Dearing. This figure is very similar to the original release (the Deluxe Pack with Gyroscope), except that she is wearing a different coat. The coat is repainted yellow and noticeably longer than the previous version and the yellow sleeves are not pushed up like before. I've only seen the movie once (so far) and as far as I can tell she only wears this coat in one brief helicopter ride, but it's a fun variation and I'm glad we got a toy of it. I normally avoid subtle retools, but I think when compared side-by-side, the two variations look significantly different. Plus, I like supporting this line because I would love to see more product. I'm curious to see if we might get some additional figures from the older films now. Sarah Harding, Amanda Kirby, and Kelly Curtis would all make great additions to the line. Let's check out Claire (v2) below!

There is a design flaw with this figure wherein her legs appear to be different sizes. It makes her stand a little crooked, but when posed with one leg positioned away from the body it looks fine.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Claire with her first version. The coat and arms are different.


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