Monday, October 1, 2018

MOTUC Collector's Choice - GRANITA!

MOTUC - Collector's Choice (Series 2) - Granita - Super7Store Exc - Super7 2018

For many years my number one wish for the Masters of the Universe Classics line has been Granita, the always-neglected member of the Rock People from two episodes of She-Ra. I've always been obsessed with her design. The monochromatic green skin and hair combined with the red and pink outfit and pupil-less eyes is the recipe for a character tailored to my tastes. This figure is a welcome relief from the somewhat problematic ladies released in the past few years, because there is really very little wrong with her (of course I will nitpick a few things that are detailed below). Now that we have this beauty I'm a little unsure what unreleased characters are still on my wishlist. Kittrina, Enchantress, and Garth and the only ones I can think of and at this rate I think it's a fair chance were might see them. Hopefully we'll see another female reveal at NYCC this week. (With this body they could easily make a redeco into Robowoman or Facet). Let's check out Granita the Heroic Comet Combatant below!

Her crotch looks like a sheet of rubber stretched over an elbow joint.

Granita fo course comes with lots of rock "armour" to facilitate her transformation into a green meteor or boulder.

The armor is a little ungainly and heavy, but it is designed really well. The pieces snap on easily and securely.

The full transformation is basically just Granita bent over at the hips, like a deep formal bow.

There is a fantastic piece of armor that has a secondary purpose of forming her cascading hair. It attaches with a standard backpack peg. This looks is authentic to her cartoon appearances. The only issue is that it adds bulk and from a straight-forward view it looks odd peeking around the sides of her waist.

She also comes with a gun. I don't remember if this was from the cartoon or if there was a specific purpose, but the Rock People are basically migrating pacifists so it probably isn't an offensive weapon.

I don't know the purpose of the hole at her navel. It's accurate to the cartoon, but it is presented without explanation. coincidentally the gun fits in snugly.

I'm pretty sure it never said that Granita and Rokkon were siblings before.

I'm ready to start the campaign for Facet now. I don't even care if they re-use the body and make her an adult. I just always loved her color palette.

I love this figure, but she has a handful of manufacturing issues that are worth mentioning.  I bought two of these and analyzed the photos of several others on eBay, and these are all consistent issues.

Firstly, her neck is slightly malformed. It's as if there was air in the mold and the area between her neck and collar no longer has the intended crease. The paint jobs vary because there is not a distinct line to follow. I find this error very distracting in person.

Secondly, her rubbery red top appears to have been measured a few millimetres too short. It's noticeable from a direct front view. Not a major issue, but it's consistent and worth pointing out.

Lastly, her legs are warped and knock-kneed. This is probably fixable with some boiling water and ice, but both of mine have the exact same stance.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. With the vintage Rock People, the holes in their torsos were indeed meant for the guns -- it allowed for easy storage when the figures were in rock mode. I imagine it functions the same way for Granita here!

  2. I've been waiting many years for Granita. Soo happy she is here...& looking awesome!